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How does disabled veteran pay child support?

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You can get an apportionment form and I would suggest doing so until you go to court. However, US Supreme Court Law has ruled that the disability benefits received by a veteran are to support the disabled veteran and his/her dependents. This would include child support. Please visit the Related Link for more information.
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Do you have to pay child support if the child has a child?

Yes, if the child, who is now a parent, a minor you do owe childsupport. The fact that they are a parent doesn't allow you not topay for your child's support. Also: if the ch

Does child support end if child is disabled?

No. If a child is disabled prior to the age of majority, most states have different child support guidelines. Check your state laws. In many cases it can actually continue pas

How do you get child support from a disabled veteran?

The matter of the person being a veteran and apparently on disability is not relevant when it comes to child support obligations. The custodial parent should follow the requir

Can Veterans disability payments be garnished for back child support?

Yup.   Garnishment of Disability Benefits for Child Support and/or Alimony The Law Offices of LaVan & Neidenberg receive many inquiries about the court's ability to garni

Can you volunteer to pay child support?

Yes, however it should still be done through the courts as anything paid without it is considered a gift. Depending on the state, the mother can wait up to 23 yeas to file aga

if the father is on disability does he have to pay child support?

Short answer is if THE NON-CUSTODIAL parent receives Social Security Disability Insurance ((yes )) RE: AUXILIARY BENEFITS ~~~ BUT ~~~ But if NON-CUSTODIAL parent only ge
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If child on disability does father need to pay child support?

SSA payments paid on a child's behalf, based on the child support obligor's SSA account, count as child support for the month that they are paid. E.g., support obligation is

Can you pay child support to your child?

With some exceptions, child support is not paid directly to the child because it is not "the child's money" - it is compensation to the custodial parent because they are rais
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Can veteran administration none taxed disability benefits be calculated for child support determination for payment by noncustodial parent?

Call the VA info line. Retirement is taxed in total, with no deduction made for child support, this I know for sure. You probably need to have your child support reduced to th