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How does one convert an AC motor into a generator?

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I found a web site that explains how to do it:
(1st link)
It seems to make sense, but I have not tried it yet.
That is for single phase induction motor
here is for three phase motor
(2nd link)
I tested both links and it works perfectly.
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Can an alternator be converted into an ac motor?

It should be able to but I cannot say how efficient it would be. One would likely need to remove the electronics and have direct connections for the field windings and the rot

How DC motor converted into DC generator?

Both dc generator & dc motor are the same and known dc machine.when we give an electrical supply to the dc machine a torque developed due to flux intraction & works as motor.b

How a DC motor is converted into generator?

In construction wise both dc motor& dc generator is same.if the mechanical energy is applied as input to the dc motor means,it will run as a GENERATOR.

How can you convert a DC generator into an ac generator?

Converting D/C into A/C is very expensive. You can use inverters to switch the direction of the current but you would probably be better off to replace your DC generator with

What is the difference between ac motor and ac generator?

There are several designs of AC motor, brush type and induction. Inputing AC voltage activates both the rotor and stator, in order to give motion. They will not work in re

Can you convert a DC motor to run on AC?

The easiest way would be to convert the AC power to DC by using a rectifier diode and a filter capacitor. In that way you can now run your DC motor on DC.

Can a Ac electric motor be converted into a generator?

Yes. An AC generator and an AC motor are functionally very similar. I would not recommend using a permanent magnet type, since you cannot easily control the output. You want a

Difference between DC motor and AC generator?

let me tell you what does each word means: Motor: is a device which converts electrical energy(Voltage/Current) into mechanical energy (eg: rotating shaft) Generator: is a d

Can an ac motor generate electricity?

An ac motor cannot generate electricity but its shaft can be coupled to that of certain devices like an alternator to in order to generate electricity.

Is an AC generator can use AC motor and vice verso?

Are you planning to build a perpetual motion machine in which the power generated by an AC generator is used to run an AC motor which is used to run the same AC generator whic