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How does one convert an AC motor into a generator?

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I found a web site that explains how to do it:
(1st link)
It seems to make sense, but I have not tried it yet.
That is for single phase induction motor
here is for three phase motor
(2nd link)
I tested both links and it works perfectly.
Thanks for the feedback!

How do you convert 220 3phase ac to 125 vlt dc power or can you run dc motor on ac power just to test it for a minute or to without damaging the motor?

You can't. A three-phase motor works on a completely different principle from a d.c. motor (e.g. there's no electrical connection to the rotor). As well as this, with a d.c. s

What is an ac motor?

An AC motor is an electric motor that runs on alternating current,  like household electricity, as opposed to a DC motor that runs on  direct current from a battery.  

How a DC motor is converted into generator?

In construction wise both dc motor& dc generator is same.if the mechanical energy is applied as input to the dc motor means,it will run as a GENERATOR.

How can you convert a DC generator into an ac generator?

Converting D/C into A/C is very expensive. You can use inverters to switch the direction of the current but you would probably be better off to replace your DC generator with

What is the difference between ac motor and ac generator?

There are several designs of AC motor, brush type and induction. Inputing AC voltage activates both the rotor and stator, in order to give motion. They will not work in re

Can a Ac electric motor be converted into a generator?

Yes. An AC generator and an AC motor are functionally very similar. I would not recommend using a permanent magnet type, since you cannot easily control the output. You want a

What is an AC generator?

An AC generator is an electrical machine which produces alternating current electricity. It must be turned by a prime mover which can be an internal combustion engine - driven

Can an ac motor generate electricity?

An ac motor cannot generate electricity but its shaft can be coupled to that of certain devices like an alternator to in order to generate electricity.

How can convert DC generator to ac generator?

  you can simply convert dc to ac by rectification method. This is done by assembling electronics components; such as; diodes(4), transistor n resistors.

Why the ac voltage is not generating in AC generator?

question is wrong....ac is generated in alternator The most likely reason is that there is no field voltage being generated. This is controlled by the voltage regulator. Chec

Why won't my split-phase AC motor generate - I've got a Dayton motor I want to use as a generator but no matter how fast I spin the motor it won't generate more than a couple of volts - Help?

You must have a permanent magnet in the field or residual magnetism that produce magnetic flux lines across the rotating conductors. Without an energized coil (electromagnet)