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How does pollinators occur in gymnosperms?

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Gymnosperms do not produce flowers (as opposed to angiosperms), so there is nothing to attract pollinating insects. As a result, they depend on the wind to blow the pollen from the male to the female cones. Pollination can also occur if the male cones are present at the same time and situated above the female cones. In this case self-pollination can occur when the pollen simply falls or blows downward.
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Can fertilization occur without pollination?

No, because pollen is required for a pollen tube to be created for the sperm cells to move into the ovary and connect with egg cells (the process of fertilization). Because t

How does insect pollination occur?

Insects typically pollinate flowers as they move from plant to plant searching for food. Many flowers produce nectar, a sugary liquid that many insects eat. When an insect lan

How does gymnosperms pollinate?

Gymnosperms pollination occurs after the micro spores are released from the male cone. They travel by wind until they get stuck to a female cone due to a sticky resin. Once st

What is a Gymnosperm?

Gymnosperms means Naked Seed. Gymnosperms are seed-bearing plants that do not produce flowers. Essentially they are trees and shrubs whose seeds are borne on the scales of co

How do gymnosperms pollination occur?

Wind will carry pollen from the male cones to the female cones. The pollen the sticks to the sticky substance that each ovule makes.

Name two ways that pollination occurs?

Wind and Insects.
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How does pollination occurs in sunflower?

Butterflies, visit flowers that are orange, yellow, blue or pink. They like to have a large landing pad. Examples of butterfly flowers are zinnias, SUNFLOWERS, and hollyhocks.

What are gymnosperms?

Gymnosperms are any of a group of vascular plants that produce naked seeds (not enclosed in an ovary or fruit). They were formerly considered a class (Gymnospermae) of seed pl

What changes occur in a flower after pollination?

After pollination, fertilisation takes place.   1. In plants it is a double fertilisation in which two sperm cells  fertilize cells in the plant ovary.   2. The process