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How does satellite imaging in the sky work?

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Satillite imagining is a process where a satelitte in space is sending beams to various places on earth. these later take pictures and send it to earth
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What keeps a satellite in the sky?

  The satellite is actually trying to fall away from the Earth, but gravity keeps it nearby. Also, the satellites have small rocket motors to keep adjusting it's positio

How do satellites and computers work together to produce images of earth?

I have the same question in the textbook the answer is that satellites use sensors to detect changes in the wavelength of light that is reflected from earth surface. They send

Are satellites visible in the night sky?

Satellites Visible in the Night SkyAbsolutely! Especially late dusk when their solar panels catch the sun and shine it your way. The International Space Station is the third

How do you get SKY satellite TV in Belize?

With a satellite dish, a satellite receiver, a satellite PC card, you can watch satellite tv shows on your pc. It effectively replaces the set-top box with higher quality and

How do the satellites stay positioned in the sky?

The satellites that "stay positioned" in the sky are called geostationary. The way it works is this. First, the satellite must be in orbit around the equator. Also, to stay in

What do satellite images show?

Satellite images can show things like landforms and the outlines of countries. Also, those images can be used in GPS devices to show roads.

Where is each satellite positioned in the sky?

    Satellites appear at different locations in the sky based upon the task that they must perform.     Satellites that are in "low" Earth orbit, such as the GP

Why don't satellites fall from the sky?

They are put into orbit by shuttles and stay in orbit around the earth, like the moon. Since they are no longer affected by Earth's gravitational field, they will not naturall