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How does technology affect a workplace?

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How does technology affects health?

modern technology brings a drastic changes in peoples life the became inactive ,due to lack of physical activities human body is a growth factory o f diseases like dm, htn, he

How has technology affected the world and in particular the workplace?

The impact of technology has spread to the workplace. First the technology has made the workplace more efficient and second, technology is making the workplace obsolete.  

How does AIDS affects workplace?

  people who are HIV positive are sometimes discriminated against at the work environment, treated unfairly and that can affect their work performance

How is technology affecting children?

recent studies show that televisions, computers, and cell phones can cause brain, liver, lung, rectal, throat, and intestinal cancer.

How does new technology affect War?

That is an excellent question, but there is not a simple answer. Technology has a huge impact on warfare, from how they are fought to how long they could last and how many cas

How does technology affect your environment and the society?

Solid waste management , bio fuel , water recycling and disposal industrial waste technologies can be used to protect the environment otherwise it can produce negative affects

How has the use of technology in the workplace increased productivity?

Technology has obviously improved productivity. Examples are plentiful, such as the assembly line, which improves the speed of production by allowing specialization. Robotics