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How has the use of technology in the workplace increased productivity?

Technology has obviously improved productivity. Examples are plentiful, such as the assembly line, which improves the speed of production by allowing specialization. Robotics

How has technology affected the world and in particular the workplace?

The impact of technology has spread to the workplace. First the technology has made the workplace more efficient and second, technology is making the workplace obsolete.  

What is intellectual property and how does it affect the workplace?

Intellectual property is a blanket term for several types of invention, design, and artistic expression, ranging from fine art to hybrid plants. Its impact on business depends

How does AIDS affects workplace?

  people who are HIV positive are sometimes discriminated against at the work environment, treated unfairly and that can affect their work performance

How does plagiarism affect the workplace and school?

It can affect school for sure. It's like someone cheating on a test. People who plagiarise can get into huge trouble, its like counterfeiting money or forging people's signatu

How has technology changed health and safety in the workplace?

Technology has resulted in improved to PPE (personal safety equipment), improvements to other, safety equipment and gear, Technology has also improved machinery and manuf