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How does technology improve distance education?

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Advances in technology have led to the birth of many new methods of electronic communication, such as social networking websites and video conferences. The increase of electronic communication has helped to eliminate time and distance as obstacles to communication. This has been beneficial to many parts of society, including business, education and international relationships.
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How can science and technology improve your lives?

Science and technology can improve lives by eliminating labour-intensive work, such as manual laundry washing with washing machines, by eliminating or vaccinating against dise

Does technology improves your way of life?

Yes, technology does greatly improve our daily lives! Just imagine the things that we take for granted every day that have technological components. Without technology, we wou

What is distance education?

Answer A distant education is a type of learning program where youdon't actually attend class in a traditional class-room setting.Today, because of ever-increasing penetration

How are plastic products improved by technology?

With new technology plastic is becoming bio-degradable, stronger  with less material, and less expensive to produce.

How did stores change as technology improved?

Some of the ways that stores changed as technology improved werethat stores sold mass-produced goods; they displayed their wares incases; and they carried the newest styles.

What is the difference of educational technology to Technology in education?

Educational Technology, or Ed Tech, is the dialogue between educators, tech integration specialists, ICT teachers and administrators on how to best utilize technology in schoo

How has the telephone been improved with technology?

Some improvements have been lighter phones, call waiting, caller ID, and conference calls. There have also been advances that help businesses. At the company I work with all t

What is Technology of Education?

Technology of Education? books, computers, whiteboards chalkboards. I would consider anything "created" to educate others, easier, faster or better to be considered Technology