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How does the Utah Valley University production of The Tempest show a difference between Ariel and Caliban?

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Ariel's movements are fluid and dance-like, while Caliban hunches over awkwardly.
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Who is Caliban in The Tempest?

Cuz hez da bad-guy!!   Caliban is the "slave" of Prospero. Prospero and Miranda, his daughter, used to like Caliban but once he tried to sexually assault Miranda. Caliban's

Does caliban dislike Miranda in the Tempest?

No, caliban does not dislike miranda, in the tempest. He believes that she is beautiful as she is the only woman he has ever seen except his mother. Miranda dislikes him thoug

Why should Caliban The Tempest be the owner of the island?

Caliban is the son of Sycorax, a witch in Prospero's eyes. Sycorax inhabited the island for years before giving birth to Caliban. Sycorax then passed away and Caliban believes

Is Ariel from the tempest a man or a woman?

A man, or rather a male spirit, since Ariel is not human. Notwithstanding that, the part is frequently played by an actress.

What was the role of Caliban in The Tempest?

Caliban is Prospero's servant, or, if you will, slave. He is generally portrayed as being half-fish, half-man, or at least as having a monstrous form, although some production

What are the differences between the tempest and Macbeth?

While Macbeth is more dramatic and includes a huge amount of suspense, The Tempest is said to be humorous. They both have different teachings. Macbeth concentrates on Murder a

How old is Caliban in the tempest?

In Act 1 Scene 2, Prospero says to Ariel that Sycorax came to the island with the baby Caliban, and shortly after imprisoned Ariel in the cloven pine "within which rift impris