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How does toilet cistern work?

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When you pull the handle a washer is lifted and the water goes down into the toilet and at the same time the cistern fills up once the washer is back in place from the flushing mechanism
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How to change the water volume being flushed on a cistern toilet?

The Cistern is controlled by using a floating valve, as the water level rises the float pushes against a plastic insert that turns off the water flow.If you can the insert is

How do toilets work on a submarine?

Submarine heads (toilets) are pretty simple in construction and operation, and nothing at all like most people are used to. In fact, the only resemblance is that they have sta

How does a toilet drain work?

In the base of the toilet, the drain is shaped like an upside down U. When you flush, the water in the bowl rises. Water seeks it own level and when it is higher than the top

Working of a vermi processing toilet?

A design of a toilet in which humans excreta is treated by earthworms has been tested in India. It has been found to be a novel, low water-use toilet for safe processing of hu

How does an airplane toilet work?

  A gap in the base of the sewer line opens up and a vacuum in the sewer is activated. It sucks the stuff in the bowl down into the septic tank, and then blue sanitizing f

How do toilet plungers work?

While water will compress, it does so very little and so in a confined area, like a drain pipe, acts very much like a solid. When there is a blockage in a line with water back

How did the first toilet work?

The first toilet was simply digging a hole in the ground, using that, then covering it up with the dirt you'd removed. It's mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

How does toilet flush work?

The bowl is attached with a U-bend pipe that leads with a sewer  system. By flush the waste water leave the bowl. then the air  coming in to the bowl stops the siphoning pro

How does a bidet toilet work exactly?

A bidet is a tube that sprays water at a toilet user's backside while they are sitting down. The tube comes from the inside of the back end of the toilet seat and sprays upwa

How does a auto flush work on a urinal cistern?

  Its a simple vertical outlet pipe inside the cistern covered partly by a 'bell' which has an inch or so gap at the base. As the water level rises eventually the vacuum i

How does toilet paper work?

Toilet paper is designed to be soft and absorbent, and also to fall apart completely when it is wet, so that it moves with the water through a sewerage system.

What is a water cistern?

An underground tank for storing water. Rain water used to be collected and stored for use in the house. Still is in some places.

What it a roman cistern?

A Roman cistern is the same as any other cistern. It is a tank for holding liquid, usually water. Some cisterns are/were used for waste water while others are/were used for fr

How do up-flush toilets work?

Up flush toilets send waste upwards to another, larger drain, as opposed to downwards. They're often used in basements when no sub-basement plumbing is available. For more inf
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How much is the toilet cistern cost can it be DIY?

Toilet cistern can cost a lot since it is the most used water in the house. But there is some ways to reducing the amount of water your toilet is flushing. First fill a half g