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How does toilet cistern work?

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When you pull the handle a washer is lifted and the water goes down into the toilet and at the same time the cistern fills up once the washer is back in place from the flushing mechanism
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How to change the water volume being flushed on a cistern toilet?

The Cistern is controlled by using a floating valve, as the water level rises the float pushes against a plastic insert that turns off the water flow.If you can the insert is

How does a toilet drain work?

In the base of the toilet, the drain is shaped like an upside down U. When you flush, the water in the bowl rises. Water seeks it own level and when it is higher than the top

Does the franze toilet paper oil filter work?

It works very well given that you use the proper toilet paper, proper means no perfumes, and very tightly wound, when tp filters where created a roll of tp weighted about 230

Does Coca Cola work for cleaning toilet bowls?

Coca-Cola contains some ingredients that could clean a toilet bowl. However it is not the ideal choice. It has been used rarely as a "home remedy" of sorts and does not thorou

What to do if you got works toilet bowl cleaner in your mouth?

Wash your mouth out a couple of times, and then brush your teeth. But if you drank a large or even small amount, you should probably contact a doctor. If you have any of the s

How do you extract hydrochloric acid from The Works toilet bowl cleaner?

The Works toilet bowl cleaner is 20% hydrogen chloride. Concentrated hydrochloric acid is typically 38% hydrogen chloride. Since The Works contains 50.1% Rodine, it is not s

Working of a vermi processing toilet?

A design of a toilet in which humans excreta is treated by earthworms has been tested in India. It has been found to be a novel, low water-use toilet for safe processing of hu

Saniflo toilets How does it work and how much space do you need?

Saniflo toilets function basically the same way a "normal" toilet works - you flush, but then the waste goes into a pump where it's macerated or grinded and then pumped up or

How did the first toilet work?

The first toilet was simply digging a hole in the ground, using that, then covering it up with the dirt you'd removed. It's mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

How does a bidet toilet work exactly?

A bidet is a tube that sprays water at a toilet user's backside while they are sitting down. The tube comes from the inside of the back end of the toilet seat and sprays upwa

How does toilet paper work?

Toilet paper is designed to be soft and absorbent, and also to fall apart completely when it is wet, so that it moves with the water through a sewerage system.

You work as a waitress in a restaurant should you be cleaning toilets?

ANSWER:Typically, cleaning jobs are assigned to bussers for front of house and dishwashers for back of house. But, if none is available, obviously the toilets need to be clean

How do up-flush toilets work?

Up flush toilets send waste upwards to another, larger drain, as opposed to downwards. They're often used in basements when no sub-basement plumbing is available. For more inf
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Do toilets still work when the electricity goes out?

No, but if you live out in the country then toilets will not work. The water doesn't run if the electricity goes out in the coutry.