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How far back do insurance companies check driving records in Ontario?

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Contact whatever entity governs insurance for Ontario, they will be able to help you.
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Does a bankruptcy trustee check records on insurance and vehicle titles?

  Answer     No. All information that is submitted in bankruptcy is presumed given under oath. There are specific documents that must be presented, but the truste

You were involved in a minor fender bender no police report was filed but insurance company will be notified Will the accident show on your driving record even though the police was not involved?

  It shouldn't ... normally insurance companies do not report the accident to the police authorities unless a death is involved. However, since you reported the accident

How far back does a CRB check go?

CRB checks were replaced by DBS checks in 2012.    Basic criminal record checks only ever show unspent convictions.    Standard and enhanced DBS checks will cove

How far back does a criminal record check go?

  Some employers only want your most recent 5 years or 10 years. However your accessible adult criminal history record can reach all the way back to your 18th birthday. Th

How far back can car insurance look on your driving record?

Your question most likely depends on the state. In MA they can look back 6 years. Your best bet is to go with a car insurance company that will not do a record check before gi

How far back do landlords check?

  Most landlords check back at least two years, some check as far back as seven years. Some do not check at all. Generally the more high rent the place is the more tho

How do you check status of old insurance policy with occidental life insurance company of California?

Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state, it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company is sold, then it must notify the Dept of w

How do you check status of old insurance policy with Lone Star Life Insurance Company?

  Answer   Try this:   Contact Information:   Mailing Address: P O Box 709010 16980 Dallas Parkway Dallas TX 75370 -9010 Office Number: (972)447-6400 Toll

How far back does walmart go back on a background check?

They ask you to put any offenses on the paper. Make sure you know the correct dates. They use an outside company to do the background checks. If you have an offense listed cor

Florida Law on how far back a company goes on a criminal background check?

There is no law on how far any person or company can go back on a criminal search as criminal records are public record information. The general rule via database is 7-10 year
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How far back for CORI check in MA?

MA is one of the few states that has kept ALL of its criminal records (back to the early 1900s). Since convictions often keep people from being employed, the MA Legislature ma

How far is the drive from Ontario CANADA to seattle WA?

The approximate driving time and mileage information -    Between: Seattle, WA  and: Toronto, ON, Canada  Driving miles: 2580  Driving time: 37 hrs    - is base