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How far back do insurance companies check driving records in Ontario?

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Contact whatever entity governs insurance for Ontario, they will be able to help you.
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How far back can car insurance look on your driving record?

Your question most likely depends on the state. In MA they can look back 6 years. Your best bet is to go with a car insurance company that will not do a record check before gi

Do insurance companies regularly check driving records?

No they do not,because it costs them ,if you don't give them a reason to check it,for example get in a accident thats YOUR fault,then chances are they won't be checking your

Why insurance company require driving records?

This is how they evaluate the risk that you pose. Insurance  companies use many different variables to evaluate the risk of a  loss occurring. Driving record is only one of

How far does trucking companies check your driving record for employment?

Employment history, or driving record? They'll look at your driving record for at least seven years, but, as far as insurance purposes are concerned, the last three years are

How far back can car insurance look on your driving record fl?

This will vary in different states. I know in Georgia an insurance company can request a report for 3 years or 7 years. Most insurance companies request the 3 year report beca