How far can an ant go before stopping?

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An ant can go a mile before stopping.
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If you were just psychologically pregnant would it go so far as to stop your period for months?

This is an issue that I don't think many people are aware of, you can be "psychologically" pregnant. If you want it badly enough or are scared of it enough your body will do very weird things. So yes, you could have a lapse in your period even if your not really pregnant. Good luck with whatever tur (MORE)

Brakes go to floor before stopping?

Check the brake fluid. It is in a cylinder container on the drivers side on top next to the back of the engine compartment. If that is not your problem have your pad and rotors checked Answer #2 You might have to bleed off any air in the system if you were low on fluid. Also after filling brake r (MORE)

How far can an eagle go before it gets tired?

Eagles can fly quite a while without landing, though this doesn'tmean they don't get tired. Often, eagles can fly over 200 miles anhour for more than 3 hours, meaning they reach over 600 miles atonce. Some eagles even rest mid-air, starting over six thousandfeet in the air and spiraling down for a t (MORE)

How far can divers go underwater before the pressure crushes them?

Water won't crush you at any depth if you are able to fill your body cavities (lungs, middle ear, sinuses) with compressed air at the same pressure as the water. If you don't have compressed air to breathe you will have a very difficult time going more than 500 feet down without suffocating, not fro (MORE)

How do you stop ants getting into your home?

Find where they're getig in, and "plug up the hole". Also, if you see a lone ant in your house, KILL IT. It is a scout for the other ants. It will leave a sent train behind it. I think if you kill it, the other ants won't come to your house to get the food it found. I've also heard that ants don't l (MORE)

How far back will a oral drug test go back and how long before one does someone need to stop smoking pot?

I have answered questions like this before and you will no doubt not like my answer. I am not sure how far back an oral drug test will reach for pot so I would strongly suggest that you stop now. Today would be the earliest that you could quit. If this is in regards to your employment or future empl (MORE)

How far do ants make holes?

That really depends on how large the colony is or what species. However, the ant hills usually only go down three to four feet.

How far will a baby goat jump before it stops?

I have just got a kid (billygoat baby) and it jumped over a pasture gate that we use for horses and then we fix that by put wire over the gate but it still jumps on the walls sometimes but after we had him a few days he stop-ed but Evey goat is different .... GOATS ARE SMART..........well,most...

How far do ants travel from the nest?

I have followe,d an ant trail for about 200 feet, that was from my kitchen to a nest under a scrubs in the front yard,I distroyed that nest an they build another and another it took three months to stop the nest building ,then they started building smaller houses all over the yard I had to go out ev (MORE)

How far can a nuclear bomb go before running out of fuel?

The processes (fission and fusion) that release energy in nuclearexplosions complete in from about 10 microseconds to about 50microseconds depending on the exact design used. How far a fallingbomb might move in that time will depend on its velocity, but thisdistance will be insignificant compared (MORE)

How do i stop ants getting into your refrigerator?

To keep ants from even approaching the fridge, its best to always be sure that any spills (e.g., milk, broken egg, etc.) or food deposits of any kind are wiped up immediately and that the floor around the fridge is always clean. Ants follow a food trail. If there's no trace of a food product, ants w (MORE)

How far will ants travel for food?

Ants will travel far distances if they are searching for food. Antscan carry up to 50 times their own body weight and are consideredscavengers.

How far east can you go before you are heading west?

That isn't how it works. If you travel counterclockwise around the world, you are always traveling west. If you are traveling clockwise, your are always traveling east. Buy a map or a sat nav or just run around in circles because then you be going east, west south and north from me you dont who (MORE)

How far can ants jump?

Well, I have been listening to people, and most say yes. Though in all of my life experience, I have 'never' seen an ant jump, only fall! But if ants can/could jump, I'm guessing it wouldn't be very far!

How do you stop the sick feeling before going to school?

Many children fake sickness before school because they want to stay home and not go. I ran a daycare where a little girl did this every morning before our bus took her to school. I solved the problem by not arguing with her, but put her to bed for the day. I took away toys, books, and didn't allow h (MORE)

How long should you stop drinking before going to work?

Between stopping drinking and leaving for work, you should allow at least eight (8) hours, like for sleep. This will give your body time to process the alcohol, eliminate it from your blood, and for your body to recover from the mild poisoning the alcohol causes.

How can you stop ants from coming in the house?

If you go to a store like Home Depot they have many poisons that you can buy and put outside of all your doors that should keep them but I cant promise anything. I hope this is helpful.

How far would it take to stop a 3900 pound car going 80 mph?

That all depends how good the brakes were, how good the tyres were and the road conditions (amongst other considerations, for example if the wheels lock and a skid ensues or not - the best braking occurs when the wheels are just about to lock up). If the brakes had failed, it would depend upon all t (MORE)

How far does BC go before it turns into AD?

The year following 1 B.C. is 1 A.D. There is no year 0; this is why the new century (and the new millennium) officially started on 01-01-2001, rather than the year 2000.

How far must you stop before a red light?

Depends how fast your going, but you should start tapping on your breaks when your coming on a intersection so you have time to stop without having to slam on your breaks.

How far up do you go before There's no gravity?

Here is Newton's formula for the force of gravity between two masses: F = G m 1 m 2/ R 2 The letter ' R ' stands for the distance between them. That's the entire formula. There's no note that goes along with it that says "this formula only works up to so-and-so distance, and then the for (MORE)

How far is a mile for an ant?

A tricky question. I like those. A mile for an ant is still 1 mile. Example: If i drive a car for 1 mile it will take me "x" amount of time to arrive there vs. if i walk it will take me a much greater deal of time to reach 1 mile. However, while the time traveled is different, the distance is still (MORE)

How far does a car going 20mps and decelerating at -5mps2 go before it comes to a stop?

Initial speed = 20 m / s Final speed = 0 Average speed = 1 / 2 (20 + 0) = 10 m / s Deceleration = 5 m / s 2 Time to stop = 20 / 5 = 4 seconds Distance = (average speed) x (time) = (10) x (4) = 40 m When we first looked at this question, we thought that the 'm' was 'miles'. But tha (MORE)

How can you stop the pain of ants bites?

firstly get 1 cup of honey and smear it over a piece of bread, making a very rich honey sandwich. Then, urinate into a spray bottle and spirt it onto the pain inflicted area.

How far did the average person go before the car was invented?

Your question is really impossible to answer, I think. Before cars , there were passenger trains that ran from town to town and did not cost much to ride. I know that my grand-parents went to Colorado for a vacation by train from rural Missouri where they lived . In large cities there were street- (MORE)

How far can ants dig?

Ants can dig until they get tired unless they are hurt other wise ants never stop digging

How far can a marble go before slowing down?

A marble will start to slow down as soon as it is released. How far it can roll before it stops depends on the nature of the surface on which it is rolling, whether the surface is flat, up or down-sloped, and how much force was imparted to the marble when it was released.