How far is Georgia from Tennessee to Georgia?

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Its about 301.05 miles, comparing the middle of both states.

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261.61 Nautical Miles
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What is the mileage from Knoxville Tennessee to Atlanta Georgia?

It is 202.40 miles according to MapQuest. Which FYI is about one half the distance that is required to drive to Meridian Mississsippi which is 404.61 miles. Another nice trip to consider from Knoxville is the Tacoma Washington run which covers about twelve times the distance at 2,592.86 miles. Of co (MORE)

How far is France from Georgia?

France is approximately 4,437 miles from Georgia. The estimatedflight time is 9 hours and 16 minutes. The flight times will varydepending on the airline.

How far is Sylvania Georgia from Savannah Georgia?

From W. Ogeechee St in Sylvania, GA, to Savannah, GA, is a straightshot. You can either chose GA-21S for a 60mile trip that will takeabout 1hr 13min or take GA-17S for a 69mile trip that will take 1hr30min.

How far in miles is Georgia from Connecticut?

It all depends on the starting and ending points but a little over a thousand miles. If you want to know for sure just use mapquest. It will give you a good estimate of how far they are apart.

How far is Georgia from North Carolina?

The two states actually touch each other in a 70 mile stretch of border. However, I found out that the longest distance beetween the two state's borders is roughly 180 miles.

How far is Brunswick Georgia from Atlanta Georgia?

more or less, 5 hours. Depending on what part of Atlanta you are going to, time of day you get to Atlanta, and weather. If you use I-16 it is 300 miles exactly to downtown Atlanta. Hwy 341 is about 269 miles but it goes through all the little towns. Takes about 4.5 hours to 5 hours to travel depend (MORE)

How far is Iowa from Georgia?

The Distance between Des Moines (Iowa,Polk County,US) and Atlanta (Georgia,Fulton County,US) is : 739.74 miles (1190.5 kilometers) (km).

How far is Los Angeles from Georgia?

If you are asking about Georgia, US, then the flight distance is 1,947 miles. The shortest driving distance is 2,176 miles. Both distances can vary, depending on where in Georgia you start from. If you are asking about the country, then the flight distance is 7,081 miles.

How far is Savannah Georgia from Ackworth Georgia?

From W. Bay St in Savannah, GA, to S. Main St in Acworth, GA, is a280 mile trip of about 4hrs. Best route is to take I-16W out ofSavannah, switch to I-75N in Macon and ride I-75 until you arrivein the Ackworth area.

How far is it from Orlando FL to the Georgia?

Given is the calculated distance as well as the driving travel time, which does not take into account driving conditions, traffic, etc. The distance between Orlando, Florida and Georgia is 306 miles. The resulting travel time is 5 hours and 22 minutes.

How far is Georgia from west Virginia?

Flight distance from Georgia to Virgina is 450 miles, and would take 54 minutes to get from one to the other. The driving distance from Georgia to Virgina is 521 miles, and would take 9 hours and 12 minutes to get from one to the other.

How far is Savannah Georgia to Atlanta Georgia?

A lot depends on where in Atlanta you want to go, but lets sayyou're going to the Capitol Building. That would be a 248mi tripfrom W. Bay St in Savannah, Ga, to Atlanta. Best route would be toget on I-16W then at Macon pick up I-75N into Atlanta.

How far is Macon georgia to Cincinnati?

545 miles taking I-75 NORTH, via I-285 WEST ATLANTA BYPASS (EXIT 238B off I-75 to get onto I-285 WEST BYPASS ; EXIT 20 off I-285 to get onto I-75, follow signs to I-75 NORTH to CHATTANOOGA).

Can a Georgia resident buy a handgun in Tennessee?

Technically, no. According to federal law, you can only buy a handgun in the state where you reside. You can, however, pay for a gun in any state and then have the dealer ship it to a gun dealer in your state and pick it up there. The dealer in your state will charge a transfer fee.

How far is Vidalia Georgia from Savannah?

Leaving from 1st St in Vidalia, GA, and stopping on W. Bay St inSavannah, GA, is a 91mile trip across the state on I-16 that willtake you about 1hr 31min. If you want a more scenic trip, try GA30Eand US280E which will get you there in about the same time.

Does Georgia extradite from Tennessee for a misdemeanors DUI?

Extradition is not typical for misdemeanors, but if Tennessee wants you to serve time in the Volunteer State they will probably try to have you extradited. The laws from state to state are very similar. So they can have you extradited, but it may not be worth it to them to do so.

What is the distance from Athens Tennessee to valdosta Georgia?

The distance between the above mentioned places is 387.7 miles approximately. The distance is straight path from one place to another place. There might be slight difference between the actual distance and the above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.

How far is Winder Georgia to Savannah Georgia?

In Winder, GA, if you start out on N. Broad St, it is a 246 miletrip to W. Bay Street in Savannah, GA. Take GA-53S to Madison,switch to US-441S then at Dublin get in I-16E which will take youinto Savannah.