How far is the Cuba from the United States?

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90 miles
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What is the differences between the United States and Cuba?

The United States Gets Payed More A Month We Have More Freedoms Like We Can Choose What We Eat But In Cuba Fidel Castro The Dictator there Picks What they Et An Average Americ

Why did the United States make Cuba a protectorate?

The Platt Amendment made Cuba a US protectorate (a country under the control and protection of another country). After Cuba accepted the Platt Amendment, US troops withdre

Why was Cuba important to United States?

Cuba was known as "America's getaway." Before Fidel Castro took over the government, Cuba was really popular for tourism. Cuba also had many items and foods that people from A

What was the blockade the United Stated used on Cuba?

Careful, you can't call it a "blockade" that would be an act of war and would have justified the USSR issuing a declaration of war on the US. Kennedy only called it a "quarant
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How far was Cuba from the United states?

The same distance that is now... approx 550km's (340 miles) I finally looked this up and the correct answer is 447 miles. Myanswer of 90 miles is one that is often stated.