How fast can a cheetah run 100m?

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no at about 60 to 70 mph and only for a minute or so
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How fast can Sol Campbell run 100m?

Apparently Sol is quite fast! This is because of his huge strides so he runs to the close end of 10 seconds, a little slower than Theo Walcott!

How fast could ronaldo run 100m?

I think he can run about 11:00 seconds. Maybe a little faster 10:80 or 10:90 like Henry who runs 100m in 10:80 seconds. i think about 11.3 he's not even that fast

How fast can a dog run the 100m dash?

It depends on the dog breed. Sighthounds are the fastest while chihuahuas are arguably the slowest. Here's a video that should help you:

How fast does theo walcott run 100m in?

Walcott can run 100m in approximately 10.3 seconds, however he would most likely be quicker than the likes of Bolt over around 40m due to his acceleration. He could of chosen
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How fast did Jason Jucius run in the 100m?

He was recorded on the Auburn High track blazing through the100m so fast that the precision of camcorder timing isn't adequateto measure his top speed.