How good a school is Concordia University?

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Concordia University is truly an amazing school. The professors will do all they can to help you achieve all that you are capable. I chose Concordia because of its reputable nursing program. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend such an amazing school.Not only an excellent school, but an amazing community. This school was the best decision I've ever made.The library is open to the community. I live in the neighborhood and they have great access for those who live nearby. . A great place to come study, and grab a cappuccino. Concordia is growing and has a great reputation in the Pacific NW, and beyond! You can check out Concordia University here bit[dot]ly/1EzXi5v
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How good a school is Concordia University in Portland Oregon?

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Is concordia college and university a fraud?

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What are the programs at Concordia University in Montreal?

The programs available at Concordia University in Montreal include a large number of areas of study including accountancy, civil engineering, entrepreneurship, and philosophy.