How good a school is Concordia University?

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Concordia University is truly an amazing school. The professors will do all they can to help you achieve all that you are capable. I chose Concordia because of its reputable nursing program. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend such an amazing school.Not only an excellent school, but an amazing community. This school was the best decision I've ever made.The library is open to the community. I live in the neighborhood and they have great access for those who live nearby. . A great place to come study, and grab a cappuccino. Concordia is growing and has a great reputation in the Pacific NW, and beyond! You can check out Concordia University here bit[dot]ly/1EzXi5v
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Is university of Phoenix a good school?

The question is a little too nebulous to have any real answer. On the minus side, the University of Phoenix has gotten some criticisms for its business practices and for the quality of its education (its MBA program in particular has been characterized as "MBA Lite"). On the plus side, it is regio (MORE)

Is Baylor University a good school?

The nursing program at Baylor University's Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas, TX is prestigous and difficult to gain admission to, as they only accept approximately 75-80 student's per semester. Out of these, there are only around 40 graduates from the program each semester. Job placeme (MORE)

Is the University of Florida a good school?

The University of Florida is a FABULOUS school! Not only is the school spirit incredible, academics are top par and competitive. Some professors are award winning and world renown. ACCENT and student government productions brings in very interesting speakers, musicians, and entertainers (Bob Saget, (MORE)

Is strayer university a good school?

Strayer university is a regionally accredited college which meansthe degree will be recognized which is good. Depending on what youare looking for from a college it will be a good school. Reviews dosay that the financial aid is not superb but the pro is that theclasses can be done to fit around your (MORE)

Is devry university a good school?

Yep. When you register and all that, I would suggest taking (if you're going to take 2 or more classes & receive financial aid) one class online and one class on campus... It balances out your schedule really well...

Is ashford university a good school?

I've been attending AU for over 2 years now and absolutely love it!! I completed my B.A. here and am now 10 months away from my masters degree in organizational management. This is a great school and they work well with working individuals. They are known as one of the most military friendly schools (MORE)

How good a school is Concordia University in Portland Oregon?

You can obtain this information by going to and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links below which will take you directly to the site. You can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study, or (MORE)

Is Boston University a good school?

Whether any school is "good" is a matter of opinion. Boston University has been ranked highly in a number of areas, and it has a long tradition of scholarship and research. It is very well-known among the colleges and universities in the greater Boston area. But it is a very large school, and some s (MORE)

How good a school is the Rochville University?

The decision to choose a college or university should be made on the basis of your own needs and requirements. Rochville is an online university if this is what you need then it would work out great for you.

Is south university a good school?

South University is considered a good school by many students. Ithas a reputation for having challenging classes and the universityoffers some useful degrees.

Is Duke University a good medical school?

\n. \nIt's very well known, if that is any indication.\n. \n Answer \n. \nDuke is one of the top ten medical schools in America. I would say its best department is Oncology. That school is so good, Edward Kennedy--the senior senator from Massachusetts--chose Duke over all the hospitals in Bos (MORE)

Is American intercontinental university a good school?

It is an okay school with benefits. You'd have to ask yourself what is a good school before asking if this is a good school. It is accredited but has been in the news a few times due to some issues the school has had. Google it to get more info.

Is northeastern university in Boston a good school?

Of course, a "good school" is a very subjective judgment, but Northeastern University has a solid reputation, especially in the areas of engineering, criminal justice, and journalism. It is also known for its Center for the Study of Sport in Society. You can go to the university's website site and l (MORE)

Is Columbia southern university a good school?

Columbia Southern University is a great school. The only you might want to be concerned with is the accreditation. They are nationally accredited by the DETC. Some people will try to say that regional accreditation is better, but they are pretty similar. The only problem with this prevailing misconc (MORE)

Is California southern university a good school?

California Southern University is a decent school. The instruction is entirely online, but the exams are proctored. It is a rigorous program, definitely not a degree mill. There are licensed attorneys and psychologists who obtained their degree from CalSouthern, and many of their faculty are promine (MORE)

Is Georgia state university a good school?

How do you judge a school as "good"? Like most schools, the educational quality largely depends upon the department's teachers and resources. Some programs are well-renowned; others are average.

Is Argosy University a good graduate school?

I am a professor at Argosy in the undergraduate school of education, and I can assure you it is a good university. They select very professional professors with a high educational background. It may seem that the admission counselors are very pushy, but this is because Argosy is for-profit instituti (MORE)

Is Ohio state university a good school?

hmm.... it all depends on how you research the universities you want to go to. go to a college that offers the most for you to further your education. If Ohio state is that college, then it is a good school. but it's all a matter of preference to be honest.

Is park university a good school?

Yes. It is regionally accredited, meaning that they are real degrees. The only downside is that it is pricey (as most private colleges are). If you are military, however, it is the best college you are going to find.

Is Capella University a good school?

Capella University is fine. The university has the preferred regional accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Therefore the coursework and degree you complete through this institution will be recognized by all other colleges and universities as well as employers. Whe (MORE)

What do you need to be accepted at Concordia University?

There are four choices as follows. . Concordia University Irvine, CA . Concordia University Ann Arbor, MI . Concordia University Portland, OR . Concordia University Seward, NE . Click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer box, and you will be able t (MORE)

Is Chancellor University a good school?

You should look into the university to find out if it is a good fit for you, since this can be a subjective question. There are some things that make a good school though, like accreditation. Chancellor University is accredited. You can also check into reviews from other students who went there. Acc (MORE)

Is Mississippi State University a good school?

I'm an out of state sophmore ECE major here at MSU on hefty scholarships, Your question depends on what you mean by "good". Better compared to other colleges? Better at what? Any opinion I give is going to be limited and biased, this is the only college Ive attended. From what I know, its the bes (MORE)

Is Neumont University a good school?

Neumont University has been recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education, MSNBC, CNN, Forbes, the Department of Higher Education, and Parade Magazine for delivering exceptionally high placement year after year. The curriculum is intense, but free tutoring, faculty office hours, and student advoc (MORE)

Is Plymouth State University a good school?

Yes, Plymouth State University has the preferred regional accreditation by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools and is a College Board member. Therefore, the coursework and degree you complete through this institution will be recognized by all other colleges and universities as well a (MORE)

Is Georgia Southwestern University a good school?

Georgia Southwestern State University Americus, Georgia Yes, the school has the preferred regional accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is a College Board member. Therefore, the coursework and degree you completed through this institution of higher learning will (MORE)

Is university of Michigan a good school?

Definitely! It is highly ranked in almost all areas that you could possibly study, it is in a great town that is perfect for college students and it has a diverse stuednt body. It also offers a large alumni network after you graduate.

Is Drexel University considered a good school?

I wouldn't say as far as Drexel is one of the most prestigious schools, but it is really well-know for engineering, business, music industry. I think I remember from my college search process. Over the past 5 years with the new president, its fame is spreading and the school is expanding very fast. (MORE)

Why is duke university a good school?

Duke University is a great school because it is one of the top 3 colleges in the United States. There's Duke, Harvard, and Yale. If you get into one of these schools and graduate it looks amazing on a resume. If you are applying for a job and the employer sees on your resume that you graduated in th (MORE)

Is concordia St. Paul a good school?

That depends on what you are looking for in a school. . The mission of Concordia University, St. Paul, a university of The Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod, is to prepare students for thoughtful and informed living, for dedicated service to God and humanity, for enlightened care of God's creation (MORE)

How good of a school is Jacksonville University?

Depends. If a quality liberal arts college is your preference, JU passes muster. If you're looking for the stereotypical university experience, probably not. That said, some of JU's programs are (were?) top notch (e.g., pre-med, marine bio, aviation, nursing, NROTC, accounting). JU helped me accompl (MORE)

Is University of British Columbia good school?

It is a really good school Not only is a #2 in Canada but it is in the top 25 in the World (higher than McGill on almost any list and higher than even UofT in things like science/Social Sciences).

Is concordia college and university a fraud?

Concordia College and University in Wilmington, Delaware(concordia-college .net) is not a fraud. The school was establishedin 1999 and is nationally accredited in the United States since2007. Concordia uses the portfolio credit system to awardundergraduate and graduate degrees in the same way as oth (MORE)

Is university of phoenix considered a good school?

It's regionally accredited (the kind of accreditation that actually means something), so it can't be TOO bad. If you're asking "does it have the kind of prestige that Stanford or Harvard have" then no, not really. If you're asking "is it as good as Podunk Creek Community College", then yeah, it's (MORE)

Is university of british Columbia a Good school?

The University of British Columbia is consistently ranked in the top 1% of all universities in the world thanks to its strong focus on academic excellence, ground-breaking research, innovative faculty and outstanding students.

Is Regis University a good school?

Regis University in Denver, Colorado is a great school. It is part of the Jesuit consortium of colleges and universities with 28 member schools. See the related link. Regis was established in 1877, has a great reputation, and ranks in the top tier for schools in the west. Also, they are very engag (MORE)

Is Chatham University a good school?

This can be a subjective question because each person will find a different college to be the best college for him or herself. It would help to prepare a list of everything you are looking for in a college to help you figure out which college would be right. There are certain things that make a coll (MORE)

Is Catholic University a good school?

For a complete guide to Catholic Colleges in the United States, and which ones have met the Mandatum, and which are following the other guidelines of the Vatican, please get a copy of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, available at the link below.

What are the programs at Concordia University in Montreal?

The programs available at Concordia University in Montreal include a large number of areas of study including accountancy, civil engineering, entrepreneurship, and philosophy. This is just a small number of their extensive list of programs.

Is Concordia University real Or fake?

Yes, It's a real respecting University in Canada and even it's the seventh top rated there.I think also there are some Universities with the same name in USA and they are real too.