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How gullible are narcissists?

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Oh! The answer is something along the lines of how long is a piece of string?

Everyone has some level of narcissism. Don't you smile at a camera?

Do you believe any garbage that anyone on the internet will give you to sate your delusions of perfection?

Look in the mirror before you judge another. Everything is relative to how you look at it. To someone else you are a narcissist.
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Is gullible in the dictionary?

Yes. The adjective gullible means excessively easy to convince or  deceive. A gullible person is one who will accept what they are  told (or asked to believe) with few or no

What does gullible mean?

If someone is gullible that means that they are easy to fool or easy to cheat.   gullable is like being naive

What is gullibility?

adjective, easily persuaded to believe something Synonyms: wet behind the ears, born yesterday, credulous, naive, overtrusting, overtrustful, easilydeceived, easily taken in,

How do you pronounce gullible?

gull like a seagull and ible like anything that has -ible at the end like indistructible    gull-i-bull

What is gullible bastard?

It is someone who believes everything they hear. They were also born before their parents were married. In today's society we do not judge people by their up bringing. It is m

How gullible are kids?

Like adults, children are individuals and some are more gullible than others. As a general rule, young children are more trusting and thus more gullible than older children, b