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How has geography influenced the development of the US?

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It helped mold the history of the us
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How did the geography and climate of Greece and the Aegean influence the development of Greek civilization?

The low lying mountain ranges of Greece separated the land into individual communities (Polis) that were virtually isolated from one another because there were no navigable ri

How has Africa's physical geography affected its ability to use its resources for economic development?

There are many ways of answering this question. 1. Due to the presence of the Sahara Desert, sub-Saharan Africa was largely cut off from the global economy for millennia, wh

How did geography influence the development of tenochtitlan's?

Geography influenced the development of Tenochtitlan because at first, the land was full of water, but then the Aztecs reclaimed land from the lakes by sinking timbers into th

How did geography influence the development of Greco-Roman society?

  The accident of geography always plays a significant role in any early society's development. The Greeks, especially the Athenians for example, lived in very mountainous

How did geography and climate of the Indian subcontinent influence the development of early civilizations there?

Geography and climate both played significant roles in the  settlement and development of ancient Indian civilization. The  first notable geographical feature is the Himalay

How might geography influence how a civilization develops?

Geography influences how a civilization develops because it limits  contact with other civilizations. This can limit trade and growth.

How geography influences architecture?

Geography influences architecture because geography is the lay of  the land. How the land is laid out will determine what type of  architecture will look the best.

How did geography influence the Fall of Rome?

As an empire surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, Rome was vulnerable to attack or infiltration by land, notably along its long European frontier. The Empire's great east-west e

How did geography influence the way the English colonies developed?

it influenced the way the English colonies developed by making the  slaves plant crops in the south so the owners of the slaves make  money.and by how some of the people in

How did geography influence the development of ancient Greece?

The fertile patches of land were surrounded by mountains and water.  These patches of land were taken by different Greek tribes, who  then built fortresses and cities. In do
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How did the geography of Japan influence its development?

Since Japan is an island nation, a volcanic island to be more  precise, it remained a long time isolated from the rest of the  world, allowing it to develop its unique cultu

How does geography influence industrial development?

Industries look for plentiful water, stable infrastructure,  population to support labor needs, and transportation diversity.  The geography of an area is one of the first t

How the geography of Greece influenced its political development?

Greece is for almost 80% of its surface covered by mountains which  were at the time again covered with dense forests. This meant that  ancient communities were largely isol