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How has geography influenced the development of the US?

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It helped mold the history of the us
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How did geography influence the development of ancient Greece?

The fertile patches of land were surrounded by mountains and water.These patches of land were taken by different Greek tribes, whothen built fortresses and cities. In doing so

How did the geography influence the development of Rome?

Rome was built on several Hilltops which made it much easier todefend. The river Tiber's also provided a means of transportationand fresh water for the people of Rome. not wri

How did the geography of Japan influence its development?

Since Japan is an island nation, a volcanic island to be moreprecise, it remained a long time isolated from the rest of theworld, allowing it to develop its unique culture and

How does geography influence industrial development?

Industries look for plentiful water, stable infrastructure,population to support labor needs, and transportation diversity.The geography of an area is one of the first things

How does geography influence the development of civilizations?

Geography impacts the development of civilizations in several important ways. A group of peoples that find themselves in a land locked situation will not be able to take advan

How did geography influence the development of tenochtitlan's?

Geography influenced the development of Tenochtitlan because at first, the land was full of water, but then the Aztecs reclaimed land from the lakes by sinking timbers into th

How did the geography influence the development of roman trade?

Most of the Roman Empire was around the Mediterranean Sea. Goods could be shipped around this Sea. Goods in part of Central Europe could be shipped along the river Danube to t