How important is a court order?

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Extremely important. A legal mandate (order) must be valid to enforce child support and/or custodial terms. Likewise there are other issues that could arise (school enrollment, medical care, etc.), which usually require legal validation of a parent's/person's right to act on behalf of a minor child.
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How to get a court order?

how do l get a court order against my ex-wife to stop her from selling property Thailand

What happens if you violate a court order?

You will be held in contempt of court and, depending on the court which issued the order (civil or criminal), you could either be fined (civil) or fined AND jailed (criminal).

What is a court order to sell a property?

Exactly what it sounds like. It is a court order giving permission to sell a piece of property. It may be required as part of an estate or divorce settlement.

Why are courts important?

Courts are important because otherwise everyone would be running around killing each other because there would be no one to stop it and put them in jail, and there is always t

How long do court orders last?

Court orders last forever unless there is a specified ending date, time, age, etc. and it depends on the type of case too.

Can you get a court order for information?

You can file a motion for discovery in an existing case that you have standing in, assuming you can show cause for why such is needful to the proceedings. An attorney could r
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Is court ordered hyphenated?

Yes. Hyphenate two or more words acting as an adjective before a noun.