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Christianity is practiced in many different ways (depending on what type of Christian you are and what church you go to).
· There are many types of Christians. Some are Protestants, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Roman Catholics.
· The most popular way to practice Christianity is by studying the word of God and applying it to your life after you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior.
· Studying the word of God- this means that you read the Bible and translate what it means so you understand it. Then, you apply it to your life and anyway that you might use it.
· Accepting Jesus Christ- this means that you believe that Jesus (an innocent man who never sinned) is the son of God and came down only to save us from our sins,
· Save us from our sins- This means that in order for us (human kind) to go to heaven, we needed someone without sin to come take credit for our sins and pay the price we would have to. (The price is death).
· Christians practice Christianity by living the way Jesus did and applying what he says in the bible to things we do every day. They attend a church at least once a week, read the bible, and pray.

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