How is India?

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India is doing fine. It is improving in many fields (: The education is very good... welll its proven that India is top in education soo good job to them (: but its has many jobs for citizens all well (:
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How is India governed?

India has parliamentary style of democracy with bicameral system ofgovernment. Lower house is Lok Sabha and higher house Rajiya Sabha.A prime minister is head of government an

How is India and the US different?

two things that make India and the us different from each other is either: they talk different languages,they look diffrent,India is in a continent and the us is a continent

How is India a mixed economy?

Well, India is a nation where poverty is common.But, the IT industry has brought much success to India's economy and workforce. Many workers have found good jobs with a comfor

How is India ruled today?

India is democratic country and is ruled by the party chosen by the majority of country's population. It is the world's largest democracy.

How is India the 4th richest country?

Economy ranking is a complex business. Perceptions of wealth and factual statistics of a nation's economy are often contradictory. For instance, according to the National S