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How is Stargirl a Christ-like figure?

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Stargirl helps many people. Example: She puts loose change on the street, she makes cards-homemade-for people who need it, etc.
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Figurative languages from the book stargirl?

Her hair was the color of sand. (4)   Her eyes were the biggest I had ever seen, like deers eyes caught  in headlights. (6)   She looked like Heidi, or Bo Peep (8) 

What characteristics does stargirl have in the book stargirl?

"She wore an off-white dress so long it covered her shoes. It had  ruffles around the neck and cuffs and looked like it could have  been her great-grandmothers wedding gown.

Where did Stargirl come from?

no one knows. she was a mysterious girl who came with her parents out of nowhere and after falling out with Leo moving too Pennsylvania his home town.