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How is a DNA molecule unzipped?

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The original strand of DNA is unzipped by an enzyme that breaks the hydrogen bonds between the bases. This process continues until the entire strand of DNA has been unzipped and copied.
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What occurs when a molecule of Dna is unzipped?

One double stranded Dna molecule is separated into two single stranded Dna molecules. A large multitude of bioprocess possibilities subsequentially present themselves!

What happens when a molecule of DNA unzips?

DNA splits, and mRNA and tRNA are there to create new strands for the new replicated DNA strand. This is what happens prior to mitosis in cell division.

How is a DNA molecule ''unzipped''?

DNA is, as you say, "unzipped" is a complex process. DNA usually unwinds either to replicate DNA or synthesize mRNA to make proteins. I'll use DNA replication as the example.