How is argon used in everyday life?

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It is used as an inert gas - or shield gas - for certain types of welding. It is often found as a gas inside incandescent light bulbs - instead of the vacuum that used to be used.

Gas lasers - like the Argon-Ion laser also use Argon - these lasers usually lase at several wavelengths, among them are the cyan one (around 488nm I think) and also a green one - though not as green as the 532nm you would get from a dpss laser (solid state pumped by 808nm IR diode, converted to 1064nm by a crystal and then finally a second crystal (KTP) doubles the frequency and halves the wavelength to 532nm

sorry I went off tack a bit there - so in summary, three uses are:-

Inert gas for welding
Inert gas for filling incandescent bulbs instead of using a vaccum
Argon-Ion lasers.

There are many other uses too - eg: discharge tubes, certain types of flash arrerstors etc

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