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  1. Cotton is from the cotton plant (gossypium). The cotton fibre grows around the seed pod of the plant, and the colour of the soft fibre varies from white to a greyish yellow.
  2. When the cotton boll is ready for harvesting, the cotton boll is picked.
  3. When cotton bolls are harvested, the seeds are removed and used for cooking oils. The raw cotton is ready for making textiles.
  4. The cotton boll contains about 30 seeds, together with cotton fibres attached. The raw cotton fibres have to be separated from the seed by a process called ginning.
  5. At the spinning mill, the cotton fibres are sorted, spun and twisted into yarn.
  6. Cotton cloth can be woven or knitted by machine. It is mostly used to make cotton fabric used for clothes, socks, underwear, etc. It is a light and breathable fabric, making it ideal for bed linen also.

Cotton is produced in 80 countries around the world.
The plant grows in dry semi-humid conditions.
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What types of materials are made from cotton?

Clothes that are made from cotton are: some pj's, some tracksuits, polo-shirts and shirts. Other products that are made from cotton are: Table runners, bedding and cotton wool

What can cotton be made into?

cotton can be made into: sweaters shorts shirts curtains bath towels robes denim for blue jeans jackets carpets

How cotton is made?

Cotton is grown in a field and then harvested, then is put through a machine and made into threads. Another machine then weaves it into fabric. Some times the cotton is dyed b

What made cotton a profitable crop?

Well to start off, well made hand-picked cotton from slaves was very rare and costly due to the amount of time needed to pluck the seeds out.

Are clouds made out of cotton candy?

No, clouds are mostly water vapour.

What is made out of cotton?

There are lots of things made out of cotton you may not know about. Such as: t-shirt, pants, some pillows, purses, cotton balls, and much more. Cotton is used to make denim, o

What is cotton made from?

Cotton grows on a plant. answ2. Cotton is a plant with the seed head enclosed in a white fluffy cover. It is this fluffy material that is harvested, cleaned of seeds and rubbi

What is cotton made of?

Answer . Cotton fabric is derived from the fibres surrounding seeds of the cotton plant.

How is cotton made today?

Once the plant has been harvested it is spun into thread & yarn. It is mostly used 2 make fabric used 4 clothes.

How is cotton made into fabric?

Cotton is a plant. To make it into fabric, it must be harvested, cleaned, spun into thread and woven (on a loom).

How is fabric made out of cotton made?

Pretty much the same as they did 100 years ago but now they use machinary instead of doing it by hand. Cotton is cleaned and pulled through a comb to separate and straighten

What Pieces of clothing made from cotton?

  Cotton is used worldwide to make all kinds of clothes out of. It is comfortable to wear, it is fairly inexpensive. T-shirts and underwear are the most popular items made