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How is silicon used in everyday life?

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Computer hardware, breast enlargements for many, weatherstripping in northern climates
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How are radicals used in everyday life?

I sometimes use radicals for a quick and dirty error estimation on a questionable statistic, especially in baseball. Very roughly speaking, the error of a stat is its radical

How is friction useful in everyday life?

It helps clean clothes in the washer. Friction is important in all aspects of life. Friction is a contact force caused by interactions at the molecular level. If friction wa

When is Torsion used in everyday life?

When ever you cross a bridge torsional strain is at work, the engineers utilized it to determine the payload of each bridge and your car creates torsional strain on the bridge

How are databases used in everyday life?

One example of everyday use of a database is the telephone directory. Another is your own personal address book. You might also refer to the contents page or index of a book

How is rounding used in everyday life?

when someone asks you the time, you rarely respond with it is eleven twenty three and fourteen seconds, you typically say its eleven twenty five.

What is lead used for in everyday life?

You know the thing dentists drape around you at the dentist? GUESS WHAT? That is filled with lead. Back before people took care of the fact that lead was poisonous, pencils

How is a GUI used in everyday life?

GUI is used in almost everything, so it's kinda hard to explain it... the task bar on Windows is an example of a GUI, the header of a Internet Browser is a GUI, etc. Every in

How is argon used in everyday life?

It is used as an inert gas - or shield gas - for certain types of welding. It is often found as a gas inside incandescent light bulbs - instead of the vacuum that used to be u
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How is pyrite used in everyday life?

Pyrite is used for carpeting houses, growing food, bone density, manufacturing sulfur, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, and inexpensive jewelry.
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How does conduction used in everyday life?

Conduction is used on everyday life for example in the kitchen the stove uses conduction when it transfers the heat to the pot and then to whatever its in the pot. Other examp