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Look at Apple for an example.
I.E. iPod touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th generation
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How does technology improve metals?

By developing different alloys with better properties.

How can science and technology improve your lives?

Science and technology can improve lives by eliminating labour-intensive work, such as manual laundry washing with washing machines, by eliminating or vaccinating against dise

What did the technology do to improved ordinary plastics?

The technology have made them reusable. They are producing plastics in such a way that they can be decomposed faster than the ordinary plastics. They provide longer use and ar

How has technology improved your society?

Without technology we wouldn't have all these machines that help us with our daily life, technology is basically what keeps us entertained and sane. If we didn't have technolo

Does technology improves your way of life?

Yes, technology does greatly improve our daily lives! Just imagine the things that we take for granted every day that have technological components. Without technology, we wou

How has technology improved since 1950?

since the 1950s we have improved in many aspects of technology. Computers have revolutionized the world. The avro vulcan aircraft and the lancaster bomber was only developed t

How are plastic products improved by technology?

With new technology plastic is becoming bio-degradable, stronger  with less material, and less expensive to produce.

How did stores change as technology improved?

Some of the ways that stores changed as technology improved werethat stores sold mass-produced goods; they displayed their wares incases; and they carried the newest styles.

How has the telephone been improved with technology?

Some improvements have been lighter phones, call waiting, caller ID, and conference calls. There have also been advances that help businesses. At the company I work with all t

How is technology improving people lives?

In a medical sense, technology is improving people's lives because  of better diagnostic equipment. Because of earlier and more  effective diagnoses, disease and other condi