How is technology improving?

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Look at Apple for an example.
I.E. iPod touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th generation
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How has the telephone been improved with technology?

Some improvements have been lighter phones, call waiting, caller ID, and conference calls. There have also been advances that help businesses. At the company I work with all t

How is technology improving people lives?

In a medical sense, technology is improving people's lives becauseof better diagnostic equipment. Because of earlier and moreeffective diagnoses, disease and other conditions

How can technology improve productivity?

Technology improves productivity by automating, simplifying, orreducing the labor involved to complete the task at hand.Technology is the use of any tool that was developed by

How technology improves to enhance science?

Technology improvement is directly proportional to the enhancement of science since improvements in technology help in scientific research.

How technology helped improve navigation?

The advent of GPS satellites are a prime example of how technology has managed to improve navigation, but that's not the only breakthrough worth noticing. Technology inside

Why does the technology improving?

Technology improves at an exponential rate because it incorporates all technology that came before. Technology is not necessarily only "electronics, computers, etc." or even i