How long do Panasonic batteries last?

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It depends on the size and the use. Panasonic is a brand, not a size. Life of Panasonic BatteriesAs with any battery regardless of the brand, it all depends on how much power the device needs to operate it. For instance, in one of the new style LED flashlights, I've had a couple of "AA" cells last several months under heavy use. However, in my digital camera, they're gone almost as fast as I can put them in.

The other factor is how long they've been sitting in storage, either at the store or at home. Since batteries work by chemical reaction they can over a period of time, weaken themselves. One of the tricks we techs use is to put the batteries in the freezer if we plan to store them for awhile and then completely defrost them before using them, usually by holding them in our hands until they're warm again. That way, it's possible to store batteries for as much as five years because it slows down the chemical reaction taking place inside the battery.

And of course, the "other consideration" to keep in mind is that all batteries are not created equal. Some brands just last longer than others, and you'll have to experiment to find which battery works best and lasts the longest for you. I know I have my favorite brands and I've even been surprised by some that I didn't think would be worth the price.
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