How long do you have to wait before selling an estate?

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The executor/administrator must be appointed by the court and the creditors must be notified so they can make a claim if necessary. All the debts of the decedent and the costs of the administration of the estate must be paid. Finally, the remaining assets can be sold or turned over to the heirs.
b:post-16189886I think it is two years that the ATO thinks is reasonable. If it is sold after two years there is CGT implications.You normally shouldn't be paying the rates etc, it should be the estate doing this. As the house is still owned by the estate. If it has actually changed titleO

How long must one wait after selling a stock before one can repurchase again?

It's an important strategy for saving income taxes. You sell the stock at the end of the year to take the loss and buy back because you believe in the stock for the long term.

When settling an estate do you have to wait for everything to sell before getting money or do you get funds as they come in?

you must wait until the house sells, and all bank accounts are accounted for, life insurance, and other earnings the deceased may have had. money is not dispersed as it comes