How long does a broken nose take to heal?

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About 2 months to fully heal. To heal enough to stop hurting about 2 weeks. ANSWER It depends on the degree of injury made. Strong injuries might heal totally after few months, while simple one might heal in a month. In any case these are the periods for full recovery. Usually an injure person can go back to his usual activities after 1-2 weeks (except sports and physical work).
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If your hamster has a broken leg will it heal and how long will it take?

Well, it may heal, but you should get some special tape (like a tiny cast for your fingers) and use that to heal the leg. Just wrap it around the leg and make sure it is loose enough for your hamster's circulation to keep going, but tight enough for the tape (finger cast) to keep the leg steady. I w (MORE)

How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal?

Well the piercing needs to heal, this can take up to a year for a piercing to become seasoned (this is when you can remove the jewellery for a few hours and not have an issue putting it back in). Average heal time can vary from piercing to piercing from 4~6 weeks for some and other a lot longer. Lig (MORE)

How long does it take for a broken finger to heal?

It takes about 6-8 weeks to heal, depending on the type of injury sustained. ( Keep the finger as still as you can !!!!) When broken place the hand in ice cold water for about 5 min.s then take it and wrap the whole hand in a soft wrap (anything that is a soft colth) . Take the wraped hand and h (MORE)

How long does it take for a dog's broken bone to heal?

This is not an easy question to answer since it depends on many factors. But in general a canine broken leg will require 6-8 weeks to heal and could take as long as several months for the animal to return to its normal level of activity. But it has to be set correctly by someone with access to a xra (MORE)

How long does it take for a broken thumb to heal?

I'm not to sure exactly, but I broke my thumb 2 days ago and have been given a thumb splint to wear for the next 6 weeks. According to the doctors, if there are no complications it should be fixed by then. Fingers crossed though. I've just ad a broken tumb 6 1/2 weeks back... and im aloud to take (MORE)

How long does a broken ankle take to heal?

it takes 6 -8 weeks then it aches and its weak and you need a slave to do things for you so interviews start now better find an ex wifey coz there the best for slavery

How long does it take a broken toe to heal?

The length of time a break takes to heal can depend on many factorsincluding the health and age of the victim. Typically, a broken toewill take 4 to 6 weeks to completely heal.

How long does it take for a broken horse leg to heal?

The link below could help you out. What link???? And it depends on how bad the break is. My riding instructer has a paint mare who has been on rehabilitation for like two years because one of her more fiesty horses kicked it. And she's STILL not able to be ridden yet.

How long does a broken rib take to heal?

It actually depends on which rib that is broken. The most commonly fractured ribs are the 7th and 10th. It can take some weeks to heal but in some cases it also can take months.

How long does it take for a broken hip to heal?

The time changes for everyone, depending on age, health conditions before the break, and how bad the break is. On average, the break takes about 1-3 months to fully heal. If the hip has been operated on it usually takes longer to heal than one without operation. That being said, a healthy younger pe (MORE)

How long does a broken bone take to heal?

A broken bone typically heals in 6 weeks, but that time can vary. A standard fracture is 6 weeks. My arm took about that. A more complicated one can be over double that. My leg took 5 months!

How long does it take a broken jaw to heal?

If the jaw is wired together then normally about 4-6 weeks. If not then round about 8-10 weeks. I broke my jaw about 2 years ago after get ran over. My jaw took about 7 weeks to heal without being wired.

How long will it take for a broken ankle heal?

It depends on how badly the ankle is broken... If it is a really bad injury, it could take up to a year. If the ankle's bones are just moved apart a little bit, it might take up a minimum of 2 months

How long will it take a broken ankle to heal?

It depends upon which bones are broken, the degree of bone displacement and other issues. If the bones are large (tibia, fibula) and not displaced, you're looking at about nine weeks. If you have broken many smaller bones you may be looking at a recovery of six months or more, if there are complicat (MORE)

How long can it take a broken rib to heal?

It can take anywhere from a month to several months to heal back to 90-100%, depending on the type, size and magnitude of the fracture (and whether it is hairline, simple or compound).

How long it take to heal broken ankle?

It depends on the nature of the fracture. Is the talus (that is the main bone in your ankle) the bone that is broken? If so, then how bad is it broken? Is it broken completely in two? Or does it just have a crack in the bone? If the ankle is broken completely in two, it depends on how soon you (MORE)

How lonG does it take a broken second metatarsal to heal?

I'm no doctor but i broke my second metatarsal on July 3rd. I didn't pull any ligaments or cartilage but it was broken all the way through the bone. I had a cast on for 6 weeks then got it off and had a walking boot for 3 weeks. Now i wear regular foot wear and i can stand on my broken foot without (MORE)

How long does it take a broken rib to heal?

It can depend on the severity of the break and the behavior of thepatient while the rib is healing. Generally speaking, it takes from3 to 6 weeks for a broken rib to heal.

How long will it take a broken arm to heal?

Broken bones heal at different rates, depending on the age of the child and the type of fracture. Certain fractures in young kids can heal as quickly as 3 weeks, while it may take as long as 6 weeks for the same kind of fracture to heal in teens. And some fractures can take as long as 10 weeks to he (MORE)

How long does it take for it to heal a broken foot?

Well if you went to the doctors they should tell you. And if you didn't go i suggest going. I just broke my foot today in gym class i was halfway up the rope and i fell. They told me it would take 4 to 6 weeks!

How long does it take a nostril nose piercing to heal?

A properly* done (*that would be done by an actual professional body piercer in a licensed and inspected facility) should have a light heal in about 4 to 6 weeks. A light heal doesn't mean completely healed. For the piercing to be considered completely healed ( often referred to as a "seasoned pierc (MORE)

Is the nose heal after it broken?

Yes the nose will heal by itself. but the healing process needs extra help. This can include hitting your nose with a hammer. The impact of the hammer may knock your bone into place. Anyway, that's what my doctor told me

What is the healing process for a broken nose?

Severe swelling can inhibit diagnosis and treatment. Mild trauma to the nose can sometimes heal without the person being aware of the fracture unless there is obvious deformity. The nose will be tender for at least three weeks.

How long the nose piercing takes to heal?

About 2-3 weeks if it's cleaned regularly and well maintained. When my wife got her nose pierced, she cleaned it at least twice a day using a product for ear piercings, and it healed in about two weeks. You'll want to avoid cleaning the site with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide until the wound is heale (MORE)