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How long does cooked rice stay fresh in the refrigerator?

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Answer: Cooked foods should be used within 3 days of refrigeration.

Leave cooked rice uncovered until it's cooled slightly. Refrigerate in its cooking container and cover when cold. Next day, use a serving spoon to transfer to a freezer bag, separating the grains by applying pressure to the bag, squeezing out all the air and spinning the bag to twist closed. Seal with a plastic tie and refrigerate until needed.

The rice will keep about as long as fresh milk and retain its just-cooked perfection; it's easy to just squeeze servings out of the bag to reheat in microwave or pan or oven. This storage method has the great advantage of reducing handling of the cooked rice.

The flavour of the rice will be as good as when it was cooked; it will stay tender and the grains will remain separate: ideal for making fried rice or for serving with curries and other hot dishes, or using for stuffings.

Store cooked, drained and cooled pasta in the same manner, using tongs to transfer to the bag. Again, it will keep about as long as fresh milk, and the flavour will be unaffected; just microwave it as needed, layer it and bake, or toss it with sauce in a frypan when you're ready. Top with cheese and you've instant pasta dinner!

There are those who don't believe cooked rice and pasta can be stored this way; try it and see for yourself! Provided the initial cooking is done properly, the results will be great.

The keeping qualities of cooked, refrigerated foods depend upon handling and storage; bear this in mind when storing all foods.
----------------------------------------  Answer: About 3-4 days. I never have any problem with storing cooked rice in the fridge, but make sure its cooled and place in an airtight container. It never goes dry, hard or loses its flavor and I've been doing this for over 20yrs.
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