How long does electric current flow from the brain after it dies?

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If "dead" means brain dead then you've answered your own question, there is no activity left.
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How does an electric current flow?

The very word current means 'flow'. Electric current is the flow of electric charges. There are two kind of electric charges. Scientists considered the electric current as the

Is electrical current flow reversible?

Of course. If you take the batteries out of a flashlight and put them back in pointing the other way, the current goes through the bulb in the opposite direction. It's so e

How does electricity flow in an electric current?

Voltage is the pressure that pushes current through the resistance of the conductor. Ohm's Law: E=IR can be rewritten as I=E/R to explain this. "I" is the intensity measured i

How electricity flows in an electric current?

Electricity can flow in an electric circuit by a battery. The battery creates electrons, which flow through the wire, and then go into a light bulb. (That is how a light bulb

How fast does electrical current flow?

In a conducting wire, an electrical current will flow at about 2/3 the speed of light in a vacuum, or 200,000 km/sec. Note that the speed of the individual electrons is quite

Describe how electrical current flows?

To be precise, a current doesn't flow - a current "is". Although many people - including myself - often use the informal term "a current flows". The particles that make up the

What is needed for the electrical current to flow?

There are many complex explanations for current flow in electronics. The answer below describes the basic requirements without including great detail. For a more academic disc