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How long does unemployment insurance last in California at maximum rate?

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The normal benefit period is 12 to 26 weeks. They can add 1 week and Tier III would add another 13 weeks. If the state's unemployment exceeds 8.5% the Tier IV would add another 6 weeks. See the FAQ's in the Related Link below.
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What is the current unemployment rate in California?

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What is maximum you can draw on unemployment insurance in South Carolina?

Your weekly benefits would be 50% of your normal weekly wages, with these limitations: the total maximum amount is the lesser of 1) 26 times the weekly benefit, or 1/3 of the

How long does unemployment last in GA?

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Do California Employees pay unemployment insurance?

Yes, they do. Unemployment is a federal program led by the  Department of Labor. In order to receive payments, you must have  worked the previous 12 months.