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How long does unemployment insurance last in California at maximum rate?

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The normal benefit period is 12 to 26 weeks. They can add 1 week and Tier III would add another 13 weeks. If the state's unemployment exceeds 8.5% the Tier IV would add another 6 weeks. See the FAQ's in the Related Link below.
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What is the maximum length of unemployment benefits including extensions California?

One year, unless it is extended.

What is maximum you can draw on unemployment insurance in South Carolina?

Your weekly benefits would be 50% of your normal weekly wages, with these limitations: the total maximum amount is the lesser of 1) 26 times the weekly benefit, or 1/3 of the

How long do unemployment benefits last in Texas?

  12 months...you have one year from the initial file date to continue collecting unemployment benefits, provided you have worked long enough prior to your claim to have e

How long does New Jersey unemployment last?

Yes NJ will receive EB program benefits. Regular-26 weeks EUC- 33 weeks EB program-13 weeks total 72 weeks Also if NJ goes over 8% (total unemployment rate- TUR) fo

How long do unemployment benefits last in Arizona?

Up to 53 weeks of for people who have exhausted their 26 weeks of regular Unemployment Benefits. Up to 20 weeks of for people who have exhausted their EUC. Up to 99 weeks

How long does unemployment benefits last in Tennessee?

Maximum 79 weeks I believe. First 26 weeks is regular state unemployment benefits, then 33 weeks of the Basic Emergency Unemployment Benefits which was approved by Congress, t

How long do unemployment benefits last in CT?

Under normal circumstances, benefits accrue for a maximum of 26 weeks. Due to the current recession the Federal Government provides emergency unemployment compensation for a m

Do California Employees pay unemployment insurance?

Yes, they do. Unemployment is a federal program led by the  Department of Labor. In order to receive payments, you must have  worked the previous 12 months.