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How long has Angela Merkel been in office as the leader of Germany?

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Angela Merkel is the Chancellor or Germany, which is the head of government. President Joachim Gauck is the head of state. Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor since November 2005.
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Does Angela Merkel have kids?

She has no kids but has 2 adult stepsons from her previous marriage. She would have made. Great mother how sad

Was Angela Merkel Hitler's granddaughter?

Since Hitler had no children, that isn't possible.

How did Angela merkel become the leader of Germany?

Angela Merkel is the Chancellor, which is the head of government,  not the head of state. President Joachim Gauck holds that position.    Angela Merkel became the chan

Who is the Angela merkel?

Angela Dorothea  Merkel née Kasner;  born 17 July 1954) is a German politician who has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005,  and the Leader of the  Christian Democr

What are some accomplishments of Angela merkel?

There is an Angela Merkel barbie doll! She is the first women to become chancellor and also the youngest! Forbes named her the most powerful women in the world 5 times and she

Can Angela merkel speak English?

Certainly Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, can speak in English. Most Germans can speak in English and fairly well too. They depend on English speaking Tourism. Any leade
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Is Angela Merkel Jewish?

No, she's Lutheran.

How long has the leader been in power in Germany?

The current German chancellor, Angela Merkel, was elected for the first time on 18th of September 2005, and her time in office began on 22nd November 2005. (She was reelected