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How long is the internal revenue code?

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The federal tax code is rumored to be anywhere from 2500 pages to 2.5 million pages. The feds themselves list at about 17 thousand pages, however, that is in a tiny font. With all the different titles and legislation added in, I don't think anyone knows the realistic length of the Internal revenue code.
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What is the Internal Revenue Service Notice CP 575?

The IRS Form CP 575 is an Internal Revenue Service generated letter you receive from the IRS granting your Employer Identification Number.

What is the difference between Revenue Officer and Special Agent within the Internal Revenue Service?

  Both of these positions are charged with enforcement federal tax law for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  However, there are differences between the two job classif

How was the Internal Revenue Service created?

Abraham Lincoln created the IRS in order to help recover expenses incurred by the Civil War.

There is the Internal Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. What is the difference?

The Internal Revenue is a government agency that is subject to Title 26 United States Code. The Internal revenue Service is a private debt collection agency subject to Title

Are gifts deductible under the US Internal Revenue Code?

  Answer   Under the existing Internal Revenue Code guidelines, rules and regulations gifts made to anyone, including relatives and friends are not deductible. Howe

What internal revenue code does a tax deferred annuity fall under?

Hello, I recently purchased one and the money you invest is not tax deductible. It is not taxed if it grows in value or generates revenue, within the annuity. When you do star