How long should cedar dry after a rain before painting?

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depending on the climate where you live, you may want to wait till spring rather than chance damp wood and cold temperature it's a good idea to wait days following a day of rain check the wood in a number of places with a moisture meter should be around 15 or so in order to paint safely.
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How long should plaster be allowed to dry before painting?

About two days depending on the depth of the base coat and finish coat. Also is the this going on brick or masonry that is exposed to the outside? or lath with an air path b

How long to leave putty to dry before painting?

Putty should not be allowed to dry completely. If it does, then it will become brittle and may shrink and crack. The main purpose of putty is to form a seal between the glass
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How long should paint dry before adding stain?

You should not apply stain after paint . They are two different things and there is no point doing this. Stain is for bare prepared wood, not for going over paint.
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How long does a 2x4 of Douglas Fir wood have to dry before you can paint it?

If you stain with a breathable stain such as from SANSIN Corporation, you may coat anytime. If you're sealing it, you should wait until the moisture content is at least 12%. I
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How long must concrete dry before it rains on it?

First of all, concrete does not "dry" to become hard. It cures,which is a chemical interaction between its water and its portlandcement. Usually, a couple of hours is plenty