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How long to get a check from mercer for a 401k loan?

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Once you make the request for your loan, it takes 2 business days to process the request. Unless you request otherwise, your check will then be mailed by First Class mail to you, which takes another 2-3 business days. You can, however, request an overnight shipment of the check using a UPS or FedEx account number that you provide to Mercer (call UPS or FedEx first to get this setup). All in all, you're looking at 3-5 business days.
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How long does it take to cash out a 401K?

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No. No. There are, however, two points at work here as follows: A 401(k) account is a retirement account that is generally protected from creditors. You are only allowed

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Title 20, United States Code, section 1095a: "(a) Garnishment requirements Notwithstanding any provision of State law, a guaranty agency, or the Secretary in the case of loans

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 Taking a loan through a work retirement plan means you're borrowing  a portion of the money in your account and paying yourself back.    Retirement plans offered th