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How many 2x4's needed to build shed 18x20?

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Builders will normally order 1 per foot when framing 16" on center to cover the cripples and corners. This does not include the wood required for the bottom and top plate.
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Do you need a building permit for a horse shed if you are zoned agricultural?

  Depending as to what state you live in, the general answer is no. Areas zoned agriculture have different building regulations than a property that is zoned residentiol o

Do you need a permit to build wood shed?

  depends on your town or neighborhood. but most do need them nowadays   call your village hall and ask for the building department.   if you live in a homeowners as

How many bricks does one need to build 4m length 4m width 3m high shed?

Average brick size according to answers.com is 8" width X 2.25" height 4 Meters = 157.480" / 8" = 19.685 Brick Wide 3 Meters = 118.110" / 2.25" = 52.493 Brick High 19.68

How many square feet is 18x20?

360 square feet. Multiply the two dimensions - the result is the number of square feet.
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How many 2x4 needed to frame 800 square feet?

The answer depends on the spacing of the 2x4s and the design of the structure (i.e. roof, the number of windows, & doors, etc). In general, though, if you figure there will be

How many 2x4's will I need to build a wall 16 ft long and 8 ft tall?

It depends upon whether or not the wall is load bearing. If load bearing, the distance between standard studs is nominally 16 inches. If not load bearing, it can be 24 inches.