How many 5 minutes song does 500gb hold?

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How many minutes are in 5 hours?

300 minutes are in 5 hours . 300 minutes 1 hour = 60 minutes → 5 hours = 5 x 60 minutes = 300 minutes . 300 minutes 5 hours x 60 minutes per hour = 300 minutes

How many songs can 2GB hold?

My 2GB iPod Nano holds 280-300 songs of average length of 4 minutes. . A couple more than the 2GB blue ipod but about 20 songs less than the regular 2GB ipod. A 2gb iPod can hold about 500 songs because I have a 80gb iPod and it holds 20,000 so, I did the math and it comes out to 500 songs.

How many songs does 4GB hold?

1Gb is the same as 1024mb so 4Gb will be 4096mb. The number of songs that can be held really depends on how big (in megabytes) the song is. Some songs are only around 3mb while some larger songs are 6mb. I actually have songs that are 8mb but that's quite rare. So assuming the average song is around (MORE)

How many songs can 16GB hold?

On average a song is between 3-4MB so the other numbers are a bit off. Below are the correct numbers. a 16GB can usually hold just under 4000 songs. 1 GB= 250 songs 2 GB= 500 songs 4 GB= 1000 songs 8 GB = 2000 songs 16 GB = 4000 songs 32 GB = 8000 64 GB= 16000 Depending on the quali (MORE)

How Many songs can a shuffle hold?

A 1 GB holds about 250 songs. A 2 GB Holds about 500 It doesn't hold 3000 songs, not even close. Not even a 8 GB regular Ipod holds that many.

How many songs can 32gb hold?

The amount of songs that a 32GB drive can hold depends on the sizeof the average file. However, if the songs are of average size,32GB can hold about 3,500 songs.

How many songs does 120GB hold?

For 120Gb you could hold about 30,000 songs,-500 hrs of music for an average of about 3mb per song.. 15,000 pictures, or up to 10 hours of videos, t.v. shows, movies, ect.

How many songs can a DVD hold?

Depends on the size of the songs. Older songs tend to be shorter, newer songs are a little longer. Ballpark would be about 1000 songs.

How many songs can a terabyte hold?

1 TERABYTE = 1024 GIGABYTES 1 GIGABYTE = 250+ SONGS 1024 GIGABYTE= 250,000+ SONGS Depends on the bit-rate of the song, trust me, only a few peoplecan dedicate a TB to only music. It would last about 1 year non stop.

How many songs can 8g hold?

2,ooo songs but more gigabytes means lasts longer but higher price if you like music a lot I pefer you should get 32g

How many songs can 50GB's hold?

Most mp3 players say they hold about 250 songs per gigabyte (GB). At that usage, 12,500 mp3-encoded songs can be stored within 50GB. There is a higher-compression standard called wma, where music takes half the space. So 50GB would hold about 25,000 wma-encoded songs. And you can store a combination (MORE)

How many song will GB hold?

I have a 1GB ipod and it only holds about 105 songs give or take two or three songs depending on the length of the song.

How many songs can16gb hold?

\n1 song is about 5 mb\n1 gigabyte is 1000 megabytes\n. \n16000/5 = 3200 \n. \nSo a 16 gb mp3-player can hold about 3200 songs.

How much data can a 500GB external hard drive hold?

A 500GB hard drive can hold 500GB of data (although in reality slightly less is available for use as the formatting of the disc uses some space). This equates to around 800 albums (in mp3 format), or 150 movies, or 10,000 photographs or any combination of such files.

How many songs does a Mp3 holds?

Well up to 500,000:) If it's a Barbie Girl Mp3 then about 240 songs,but of an ipad ipod or iphone any thing Apple made then about the above 500,000!!! Thanks for veiwing.

5 gb holds how many minutes?

this question makes no sense. its like asking how fast my red car can go?. If you do not know the correct/detailed information to evaluate you will not be able to have an answer.. example:. 5GB= 500,000 of PDF page files which will keep you reading for a trillion of million minutes.. 5GB= 1,600 (MORE)

How many 12 megapixel pictures will a 500GB drive hold?

This can't be a precise answer because 12 MP photographs in JPG format vary in size quite a bit depending on how complex the photo is. A typical size is around 4 MB. (RAW files are much larger, closer to 20 MB). Your 500 GB drive will usually have about 450 GB of usable space. That gives you abo (MORE)

How many word documents can a 500GB hold?

MS Word 2007 can hold 32MB of text + Pictures, I just fount the absolute file size is at 529,086 KB, anything else in the document and MS Word gives a message that the file is too big to Dave and portions of it will need to be deleted in order to save. What I had to do was to write 2 sepatare docume (MORE)

500gb equals how many mb?

1 gb = 1024 megabytes so if you want to get the answer to how much megabytes are in 500 gigabytes, you would just have to do simple multiplication 500gb x 1024mb = 512,000 megabytes 512,000 megabytes is equal to 500 gigabytes

How many sector in 500gb hard disk?

HDDs of exactly 500 GB have: 976,562,500 sector That answer above is not entirely true; but for the sake of keeping it simple without delving into the whole built in recovery sectors- ssd-cache- options its best to just go with it. See this link for more detailed picture http://thestarman (MORE)

How many songs can 15bg hold?

Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no 15gb there is only 8gb 32gb and 64gb. The 16gb has been discontinued! You should look it up on the internet if you dont believe me.

How many songs does a record hold?

Technically, there is no specific number. However, most of the high-end LPs contain 22min per side. So at 44 min altogether, it really depends on how long your songs are. Averaging two min thirty sec a song, seventeen and change.

How many songs can 1500GB hold?

Since 4GB can hold about 1000 songs at least according to Apple , then by using this you can know that 1500GB would hold about 375000 songs but remember that mostly the exact number is always less than the approximated one.

How many songs can a 62gb hold?

, I dont know if your talking about the ipod nano or touch? but i think the 62 GB i-pod touches hold up to or around 12 000 songs... =D srry if that wast what you wanted or was asking but yeah! 12 000!!!

How many songs are in minutes to midnight?

Minutes to Midnight is an album by the American Rock Band Linkin Park. The album has 12 songs in it including: 1. Wake 2. Given Up 3. Leave Out All The Rest 4. Bleed It Out 5. Shadow Of The Day 6. What I've Done 7. Hands Held High 8. No More Sorrow 9. Valentines Day 10. In Between 11. In Pieces 12. (MORE)

How many minutes of music will DVD hold?

this question has a few answers. It depends on the type of disk. How many minutes it says it holds. And the songs you put on. Look at the front of your disk and see how long it says

How many can a 64gb hold of songs?

just to give you an idea i have almost 500 songs and all of them take 3.7gbs of space... you can easily put well over 5000 thousands song in your ipod

How many songs will a terabyte hold?

Short answer: about 250,000 songs if each song is 4MB in size. Long answer: Two factors are important when figuring how many songs fit in a certain amount of space: the average size of each song, and how large a terabyte is. In my music collection, I have 21,642 music files requiring about 120 (MORE)

How many song can it hold?

iPod come in different sizes from 2GB to 160GB. Apple song estimates are 250 songs per 1GB. So roughly 500 to 40 000 songs. But Apple takes part of the memory for the OS, games, settings etc.

How many minutes in 5 weeks?

There is 50400 minutes in five weeks. Working out: In one hour there is 60 minutes. In one day there is 1440 mins if you times 60 by 24. In one week there is 10080 mins if you times 1440 by 7. In five weeks there is 50400 mins if you times 10080 by 5. I hope this helped you out. :)

How many songs does a 750GB hold?

Well first that must be a lot of many and Think of it this way, It will hold up to 1000 hours worth of video or about 200,000 songs or a combination of the two. i hope this helped

How many songs can a megabyte hold?

Most songs take up about 5-8 MB (megabytes). Perhaps what you are thinking of is a gigabyte (1000 MB), which can store about 125-200 songs, depending on song length and audio quality.

How do you memorize a piano song in 5 minutes?

It depends on how long you've been playing it. Here's two methods: You can play it well with the sheet music If you can play it well with the sheet music, try playing it by taking away a page at a time. It's sure worked for me! You can't play it quite well with the sheet music Try to see i (MORE)

How many webpages can you go on with 500GB?

The internet does not hog nothing of your Gb's Only your internet data. This can change if you temp download a file as long as you go to the Inprivate browsing you are secure or Slash Fine :)