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How many 8ths are in one whole?

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8 of them because 8/8 = 1
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How many 8th notes equal one whole rest?

an eighth note is half of one beat in four four time. if you have one eighth rest it would be half of a whole rest. so you would need two eighth rests to make a whole rest

How many tenths in one whole?

Ten. Because lets pretend you had 10 sections, each equaling 1 tenth. You would need 10 tenths to fill in all the sections. Because if you've filled all the sections with 1 t

How many tenths are in one whole?

1 whole is like 100. (100 percent) so let's set out the equation. 1/10 x 100. To make it easier, we CROSS CANCEL. 100 divided by 10 = 10 when we cross cancel the number that f

How many eighths are there in whole ones?

There are eight eighths in a whole, that is why they call them eighths. You will find three thirds, four fourths, seventeen seventeenths, and and infinite number of infinitess