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How many Islamic countries in the world are ruled by muslims?

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More than 50 countries. See question below.

Every Muslim-majority country is currently ruled by Muslims.
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How many Muslim countries are in the world?

Muslims are in every country some countries Muslims are a majority some countries Muslims are a minority. With the exception of India, Ethiopia, China and Russia the majority

How many Islamic countries are there in the world?

Based on the Shari'a Defintion   There is no Islamic state in the world at this moment, because  there is no state that has the Sharia - the Islamic Law as it's  only la

What do you call the 5 rules Islamic Muslims follow?

They are known as the "Pillars of Islam":   # Stating that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger  # Performing the five daily prayers  # Paying al-Zak

What brand of Islam in the majority in the Muslim world?

The sunni Muslims are the majority, The vast majority (approximately 80-90%) of Muslims worldwide practice Sunni Islam. The remaining are Shia along with smaller groups such a

Why do Muslim regard the period of the umayyad rule as un-Islamic?

Because their practices were against Islam teachings. for example  Yazid the Umayyad King had pool of wine and practiced many sins.    The Umayyads were well-known at
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How many Muslim countries are there in the world in 2010?

The latest statistics that are available is that of Pew Forum per October 2009. It states that there are 49 Muslim majority countries plus Bosnia ; namely as listed below: C