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How many Italian restaurants are there in New York?

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How many restaurants are there in New York City?

  The New York City Department of Health lists more than 20,000 restaurants on their "Restaurant Inspection Information" web site.

Where in New York did Italian immigrants settle?

While many scattered across the United States in the hope of gaining the dream of land in the New World many felt comfortable in New York City where many of their countrymen h

What are recommended family restaurants in New York City?

  N.Y. FAMILY RESTURANTS     WHENEVER I travel, I get a travel guide from a bookstore. Two guides that come to mind   are Frommers, another is Foders. They l

What popular restaurants are in New York City?

Some of the most popular restaurants in New York include 'Le Bernardin', 'Gramercy Tavern' and Eleven Madison Park. The Gotham Bar & Grill is quite a popular location for New