How many Muslims in the British Army in World War 2?

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The answer to this question is: There were million of Muslims were fighting in the world war against Germany
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How many soldiers were in the British Army in World War 2?

The figure usually given for Britain (for the army) is just over 4 million. Answer According to Wikipedia: "At the start of the Second World War the British Army Stren

Leader of the british army in world war 2?

Politically it's Churchill. Militarily I suppose Montgomery is the main one. Slim gets a lot of recognition for the war in Burma against the Japanese, given poor rescources. A

How many men died in the World War 2 army?

About 5-10 million young men died in WW2. A majority of the deaths in Europe about 30 million were civilians. 46 million white Europeans alone died in WW2, the death toll is e

What were the British army ranks in World War 2?

Private Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Colour Sergeant Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colon

What was the British army uniform like in World War 2?

The old 1907 pattern tunic was phasing out as practicality and ease of movement became the better option in the transformation of the British army. By the 1930's, tanks and a

How big was the British army in World War 2?

After taking heavy casualities during the first world war, Britain was still a main contributer to the war effort with well over 3million troops spread around the globe.

How many Muslims are in the british army?

400 . as quoted on the bbc programme "the Muslim tommies" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^above answer is not correct. the m