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How many acres of land in Texas?

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With 268,820 square miles of area and 640 acres per square mile the actual acerage is 172,044,800 acres. You probably notice that the question asks about land and not land and water. Texas does have a little land (about 2.5 percent) that is covered by water.
There are 639.73 acres in a square miles So using the 268,820 x 639.7 = 171,972,218.60 ac - 4,299,305.47 (2.5% for water)= 167,672,913.14 approximate total land area in acres OR 7,307,017,881,510.165 sq feet.
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How many acres is Texas?

The state of Texas covers about 172,050,000 acres.

How much does an acre of land cost in Texas?

It depends in which area of Texas one is looking and what the approved zoning is. Land near Dallas, for example, can go for around a million dollars. Contact a Realtor in that

How many acres are a ranch in Texas?

The size of a ranch anywhere is dependent on what is being raised on that ranch. Cattle ranches are larger than say a place where chickens are raised. USDA has statistics on t

How many acres are in Austin Texas?

Austin, TX has a total area of 189,568 acres.
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How many acres of land has been burned in the Texas wildfire?

700 This number is way off. The most recent Texas Forest Service update shows that there approximately 156,157 of burned/on fire acres accross Texas. This number is as of 9/9/