How many albums has John Denver sold worldwide?

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John Denver's American album count is over 52 million - RCA added 19 million to his catalog in 2003. An audit revealed they PAID him royalties for those sales - but never added them to his catalog. He/his estate received just over $400,000,000 from sales of his recordings by RCA from 1973 to 2003. That does not include his recordings from his Windstar label and other labels.

John Denver's world wide count is 126,000,000 as of December 2008. He is the fourth highest selling American singer in American recording history - trailing Elvis (1,525,000,000), Michael Jackson (750,000,000) and Frank Sinatra (128,000,000). And TODAY - Elvis sells about 2,500,000 per year, Jackson about 1,500,000 per year, Denver about 1,500,000 per year and Sinatra still sells about 250,000 per year!!! And each receives anywhere from $2.25 to $3.80 for each sale. Jackson got $3.80 for Thriller - which is now at over 60,000,000 sales - or about $228,000,000 for the Thriller album alone and is the top selling album of all times - surpassing The Eagles Greatest Hits at 30,000,000!!!

Elvis will probably never be surpassed - it was Elvis'swivelling hips (and RCA coming out with a $35 record player - when record players normal cost was $350 and up) that made people in the 1950's and early 1960 - start buying records by the millions!!!

And John Denver (another RCA artist) that was the first to have an album come out on 8-track tape!!! This was invented by William Lear (Yes - the guy that also made the LearJet - AND founded Motorola) and RCA! Now you know!
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