How many albums has blink 182 sold?

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Dude Ranch - a little over 1 million
Enema of the State - Over 15 Million
Take off Your Pants and Jacket - Over 14 Million
Blink-182 - Over 7 Million

They also have Cheshire Cat first stuido album from 1994 that has sold less than 1 million but still is awesome!

And there Greatest Hits Album and Live Album but those don't really count

In total its about 40 million by now I don't know why Wiki says they've sold 25 million that information is years old.
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How many albums did blink 182 make?

Six: Buddha Cheshire Cat Dude Ranch Enema Of The State Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Blink-182 They also released An EP called Flyswatter, which is not available in stores.

What were the nine albums from Blink 182?

buddah, cheshire cat, dude ranch, enema of the state, take off your pants & jacket, b-side files, mark tom & travis show (live), greatist hits, & blink-182 (self-titled) not i

What album is Action from Blink 182?

\nAction is just the original title for "Feeling This" which is on the Self-Titled album. You can hear Captain America say "Get ready for action" at the beginning of the song.

How many albums does blink-182 have?

FlySwatter 1992 - Recorder by Blink them self and was only on tape (wasn't sold to the plublic) Budda 1993 - Demo Record (Wasn't sold to the public) Cheshire Cat 199

How many albums does blink 182 have?

blink-182 have released 5 studio albums ,with a 6th coming in 2011, 1 EP, 1 live album, 3 demos, and 1 compilation album. A grand total of 11 albums, and will become 12 in 201

What are all the blink 182 albums?

(1)flyswatter. (2)buddah. (3)cheshire cat. (4)buddah(remastered). (5)dude ranch. (6)enema of the state. (7)the mark tom and travis show. (8)take of your jacket and pant

Blink 182 new album?

Their new album is called Neighbourhoods and was released in September 2011.

How many albums do blink 182 have?

They Have So Far 6 Starting From Cheshire Cat Released 1994 To Their Self Titled Album Blink 182 Released 2003 They Are Planning To Release A New Album Sometime Around 2010

How many albums has Blink 182 sold in the US?

Six: Buddha Cheshire Cat Dude Ranch Enema Of The State Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Blink-182 You can also get The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (live CD) The Urethra Chronicle
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How many albums has blink 182 released?

Theyve released 6 albums; Cheshire Cat (1994) Dude Ranch (1997) Enema Of The State (1999) The Mark, Tom And Travis Show (2000) Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001)