How many apples are in a beehive?

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How do you get rid of a beehive?

You get rid of a beehive by contacting professional beekeepers forremoval since a hive that has no apparent activity may besheltering some other wildlife population.

How many combs in a beehive?

Most commercial hive bodies (boxes) are made to accomodate 10 frames of combs. These frames are easily removable. We use 9 frames most of the time to allow a little easier access for removing the frames of combs. Each frame is one comb.. A frame of combs is simply a wooden frame with ears on the to (MORE)

What are beehive huts?

They are the ancient style of stone housing with a domed roof built in Ireland since the middle ages (see Clochan).

How many bees in a beehive?

In some beehives there can be up to 60,000 worker bees. Eachbeehive has just one queen bee for all the worker bees.

Who invented the beehive?

Mathew Blumers-1962-invented the beehive while working with his neighbors to create a simpler way to control bees. He was a bee expert died on December 19th 1997 due to too many bee stings. His life was treausred by bee enthusists.

Where can you find beehives?

Beehives can be found in a number of different places. Usually,bees make their hives high up in trees. Beekeepers will createsynthetic hives for their bees, and usually just keep the hives intheir back yards.

How many apples are there in the world?

"Apple Blossom" redirects here. For other uses, see Apple Blossom (disambiguation) . This article is about the fruit. For the computer company, see Apple Inc. . For other uses, see Apple (disambiguation) .. Apple Blossoms, fruits, and leaves of the apple tree ( Malus domestica ). Scientific (MORE)

How many apples can a person eat?

As many as they feel like and have the $$ 2 buy! One, two or three apples a day keep the doctor away ! well that's weird cuz u can get a bag of apples at jacks fruit market for 99 cents and im gonna finish eating these apples then answer the question

How high is the Beehive?

Pretty High.. about 10 to 11 feet.. Maybe 20.. Maybe 3.. I'm saying 12.. I'm saying 498. No one knows for sure. Its 72 metres high!!! Or ten storeys! Really

How do you get Beeswax from a beehive?

Beeswax is gathered from the hive by harvesting the sections ofhoneycomb where the queen bee lays her eggs. Then it is melted downand poured into molds that look like bricks. After it cools andsolidifies it is ready to use for other things like candles and lipbalms.

How many meters high is the beehive?

There is no set height for beehives. Beehives can be formed on theground. An actual beehive can be the size of a quarter and as bigas a chair.

Where are beehives kept?

Beehives are usually hanging down from branches of trees, I know this boy that found one behind his aunties bath though, so I guess they are kept mostly anywhere!

Who buildes the beehive?

There are two types. 1. Natural Bee nest :. The natural nesting sites of honey bees in the subgenus Apis are caves, rock cavities and hollow trees (members of other subgenera have exposed aerial combs). The nests are composed of multiple honeycombs, parallel to each other, with a relatively unif (MORE)

What do bees do in a beehive?

For information on the disappearing domesticated honey bee colonies in North America and Europe, see Colony Collapse Disorder . For other uses, see European honey bee and Bee (disambiguation) .. Bees Honeybee ( Apis mellifera ) collecting pollen. Scientific classification Kingdom: Anim (MORE)

What is a beehive-hairdo?

A beehive hairdo is when your hair stands up like sometimes Amy winehouse and those Bump it things they sell on t.v.

What do you get from a beehive?

Apart from the obvious answer of honey, the beekeeper will also collect beeswax and some collect pollen and propolis (a resinous substance the bees collect from tree buds and tree sap flows).

Weight of a beehive?

I don't think anyone has gone close enough to measure one! But if I were to guess I would say they are pretty light.

How do you relocate a beehive?

Firstly, do it in the evening when there are no bees out foraging, and block the entrance with sponge and strap the hive sections together. Secondly, there is a saying: 'You must move a bee hive less than three feet, or more than three miles'. This is important because bees learn the location of t (MORE)

What is beehive soccer?

When players tend to "swarm" around a soccer ball. or to surround it, not spread out. Usually not a good thing, coaches like players to spread out, making it easier to pass

How many bees are in an average sized beehive?

There are different sized hives, and the size of a colony varies throughout the year with the lowest population in late winter, and the highest in early summer, but average values are: . Summer: 1 queen, around 60,000 workers and 300 drones. . Winter: 1 queen, around 10,000 workers and no drones. (MORE)

How many bees could be in one beehive?

It does depend on the size of the hive, but in early summer in an average hive the colony could be as large as 60,000 workers, a few hundred drones, and one queen. With a large hive it is possible for there to be more, but much more and the colony would probably be looking to split, with half of the (MORE)

How Many Apples are in One Apple Seed?

There are no apples in a seed only the potential to grow a tree that given the right conditions and care may one day produce fruit. Most fruit trees are now grafted onto hardy stock with cuttings from a reliable tree.

How do you start a beehive?

A beehive is the structure in which a colony of bees live. You can get a hive that is already constructed, or one in a kit, or you can build one from scratch. Plans are available online and from some suppliers of beekeeping products. The hive is essentially a box made of wood, and lots of places (MORE)

How many apples are in an apple seed?

There are no apples in an apple seed due to the germantion but if you plant the seed it will aventually grow into either an apple or an apple tree x

How many people eat apples?

I don't know the exact percent, but many people eat apples daily as a snack. At least the healthier people do, and I commend anyone that does.

Can you eat beehives?

well i lived in cuba for 12 years and i was allergic to honey and bees and everything however as i started growing up i would eat both the honey and the bee hive like a small piece its a good thing to replace with vegetable lol i forgot how it tastes like but it didnt do any danger to me unless your (MORE)

How many apples in a ton?

well, assuming an average apple is roughly 150 grams, we can divide a million grams by 150 grams to give 6667 apples.

How many products has apple sold?

There is no definite answer for this question as no-one can be sure. You should take a look at their financial reports for investors if you're interested in how much in sales they take in any one financial year. Hope that helped at least a little. :)

How many apple seeds are in an apple?

This vary from apple to apple, and also very much between the type of apple. Most apples have between 8-12 seeds, but some have less, others have many many more. The amount of seeds may vary with the condition of the tree, and the growth year also. If it is a particularily bad year, then there (MORE)

How many varieties of apples in the world?

1032 . Aceymac. Adams Pearmain. Adanac. Akane. Akero. Akifu Fuji. Albany Beauty. Alexander. Alfriston. Alkmene. Allington Pippin. Almata. Ambrosia, USPP #10,789. American Summer Pearmain. Ananas Reinette. Anaros. Anderson Jonathan. Andre Sauvage. Anna. Antonovka. Api Etoile. (MORE)

How many computers has Apple created?

From the start of Apple in 1976 they have created around 200 computer (standard screen and keyboard - ignoring Newtons and iPads etc.) computer models (although many are evolutionary creations) which include: . Apple I . Apple II . Apple II Plus . Apple III . Apple III Revised . Apple Lisa (MORE)

Why are so many pubs in London called the beehive?

The beehive is a common symbol used on many family coats of arms, and is also used as a masonic symbol. It was common to name pubs after local aristrocratic families and my guess is that the family owning much land in the area has a beehive in its family crest.

How many apples are there in apple pie?

It depends on the size of the apples; recipes I've seen call for3-6 fresh apples cut or diced to make 3-7 cups. The average 9" pieplate can hold about 4-5 cups of heaped apples. Apples vary greatly in size. Some varieties can be double theweight of other varieties. The best type for a baked Apple P (MORE)

Why is the beehive in Wellington?

Because the Beehive is the New Zealand's house of Parliament. It is in Wellington because Wellington is New Zealand's capital city. Wellington is New Zealand's capital city because it is half way between Christchurch and Auckland. I hope that answers your question. Have a nice day.

How many types of bees are there in beehive and what are their roles?

There are three types of bees in a honey bee colony. Firstly there is the queen who lays all the eggs to produce new bees and she is the only fertile female in the colony. Then there are around 400 drones in the colony. Drones are male bees and their only purpose is to mate with a virgin queen when (MORE)

Why is a beehive famous?

For the same reason a pompadour is famous. Someone felt daring, tried it out, and it became a fad!