How many apples are in a beehive?

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How many combs in a beehive?

Most commercial hive bodies (boxes) are made to accomodate 10 frames of combs. These frames are easily removable. We use 9 frames most of the time to allow a little easier acc

How many bees in a beehive?

In some beehives there can be up to 60,000 worker bees. Eachbeehive has just one queen bee for all the worker bees.

How many meters high is the beehive?

There is no set height for beehives. Beehives can be formed on theground. An actual beehive can be the size of a quarter and as bigas a chair.

What do you get from a beehive?

Apart from the obvious answer of honey, the beekeeper will also collect beeswax and some collect pollen and propolis (a resinous substance the bees collect from tree buds and

How many bees are in an average sized beehive?

There are different sized hives, and the size of a colony varies throughout the year with the lowest population in late winter, and the highest in early summer, but average va
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How many bees could be in one beehive?

It does depend on the size of the hive, but in early summer in an average hive the colony could be as large as 60,000 workers, a few hundred drones, and one queen. With a larg
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How many types of bees are there in beehive and what are their roles?

There are three types of bees in a honey bee colony. Firstly there is the queen who lays all the eggs to produce new bees and she is the only fertile female in the colony. The