How many bombs will show up when zero divide in Atari TOS?

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five bombs
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How many nuclear bombs does it take to blow up the Earth?

Nobody has ever had enough bombs to blow up the earth ! The figure that there are enough nuclear weapons to kill everybody on the earth 10, 20, 50, or however many times over is an entirely different issue (and is very speculative). It may have been true in the middle 1980s at the peak of th (MORE)

What is zero divided by zero?

In ordinary mathematics, you may not divide by zero . It isconsidered undefined . Consider the two situations: For the inverse of multiplication 0/0 = a , a could be any number to satisfy a x 0 = 0. At the same time,division of any nonzero number, a /0 = b, there is nonumber a such that (MORE)

How do you divide by zero?

you can't. the answer would be undefined. You can divide zero by anything though. the answer to that would be zero.

Is zero divided by zero one or zero?

The answer is neither. You cannot divide by zero at all. The result of zero divided by zero, as with any other division by zero, is undefined.

What is one divided by zero?

One divided by zero is an undefined operation, which leads to contradictions and nonsense. For this reason, division by zero is forbidden in arithmetic.

When you divide by zero the answer is always zero?

You cannot divide by zero. Zero is special in that it does not have a multiplicative inverse. There is a reason why you did not have to memorize division by 0 tables in the third grade. That is because you do not divide by zero. In analysis (advanced calculus), you may discuss the fact that the li (MORE)

Why can you not divide by zero?

You can't really do any order of operations with 0. You know 1+1=2. That's because 1 symbolizes something, as in it is there. 0 means nothing, so 0+0=0, is the same as saying Nothing plus Nothing equals Nothing! An internet answer would be that... Well, the universe would implode upon itself, re (MORE)

Can zero be divided by zero?

No. As a mathematical process, division by zero is not allowed. (for more on why, see the related question and link)

Why isn't zero divided by zero either zero or one?

Consider the equation 0 times x = 0. This is true for every number x . Divide both sides by 0; we get x = 0/0. So zero divided by zero could be any number at all; it could be -42, or 273.15, or anything else. If we try to pick one value for 0/0, we will eventually get into trouble. (MORE)

How did Atari screw up?

Bad games, bad graphics and to many cheap deals when it came to advertising of promoting. I remember a commercial that said you got a free Pac-Man with your ATARI 2600 VCS. And that game was downright terrible. This all led to the video game crash of 1983.

How many times can zero be divided?

The answer is None because 0 cannot be divided. . I think the answer is just the opposite, infinity, because zero divided by any number is the real number zero.

Can zero be divided?

No, zero cannot be divided. Zero is zero, or nothing. It is impossible to divide nothing into any number of parts. Mathematically, things are a bit different. Zero can be divided by other real numbers, but the answer is always zero. Zero divided by two is zero. Zero divided by minus twenty-two is z (MORE)

What is thirtyseven divided by zero equal?

In mathematics, in almost all instances, you are not allowed to divide by zero, so the answer would be 'disallowed' or something similar. When you think about division in the most basic sense, it is the act of separating a quantity into a number of groups. So when you try to imagine separating 37 (MORE)

Should you divide by zero?

You cannot divide by zero. The answer would be undefined. . Well, you wouldn't kill anyone by doing so, but you wouldn't accomplish anything either.

What is x divided by zero?

even though is the variable, he identity property o zero states all numbers divided or multiplied by zero equal zero. Therefore, your answer is zero Ans 2 The answer above is just plain wrong. The identity for multiplication and division is 1. 5*1=1 5/1=1 . n times zero is zero n divided by zero (MORE)

Zero divided by zero equals undefined?

If there is a number that zero is divided by zero then it's anerror. Look on your calculator. If you press in 0 divided by 0 thenthere would be a zero but the is an error on the side. And also anynumber that is divided by zero would be error because ofsomething...I forgot but yeah. And if your doi (MORE)

Is zero divided by zero equal to zero?

Actually 0/0 is undefined because there is no logical way to define it. In ordinary mathematics, you cannot divide by zero. The limit of x/x as x approaches 0 exists and equals 1 so you might be tempted to define 0/0 to be 1. However, the limit of x 2 /x as x approaches 0 is 0, and the limit (MORE)

Why zero divided by zero is not 1?

A division is the answer to a multiplication problem. For example: (number) = 6 / 3 is the answer to: 2 times (number) = 6 What number do you have to replace here? There is exactly one solution, namely the number 3. 1 / 0 is equivalent to: (number) times 0 = 1. This has no solution. 0 / (MORE)

What does the when you divide zero joke?

Division by zero can cause serious problems in math. If you inadvertently divide by zero (usually dividing by an expression that may happen to be equal to zero), you may get wrong results. Some jokes on the Web allude to this.

How many bombs would it take to blow up the sun?

To say how many nuclear bombs it would take to blow up the sun is almost impossible. Actually the sun is a continuously exploding thermonuclear bomb, that's where the energy comes from - fusion. It doesn't matter how many bombs you shot into the sun, it would just get hotter.

How come zero divided by zero in not defined?

Any number divided by zero is undefined. This is true it is because you cannot divide something into zero groups (but you can put zero into an existing amount of groups, which is why zero can legally be divided by other numbers).

How many babies do a two toed sloth have?

Hoffmann's two-toed sloths ( Choloepus hoffmanni ) usually have one child at a time, and never reproduce more than once every 15 months. The gestation period is about 11.5 months; the mother carries her young for six to nine months, after which they soon live independently.

Is a number divided by zero irrational?

That is not what mathematicians mean by an irrational number, which is a number with an infinitely long decimal expansion. You will note that since division is the inverse of multiplication, dividing by small numbers has the same effect as multiplying by large numbers, and so dividing by zero, which (MORE)

Why is it you cannot divide a number by zero?

How many 1s are there in a zero? The 1 is higher than zero but there's no more numbers in the right and left (if you are in the other direction.). So let's try dividing 1 into zero. ______ 0| 1 But it is left not answered because zero is nothing and nothing cant be everything by itself. My Math (MORE)

Can gandhi divide by zero?

"Division by zero" is not something that some people can do and others not. It is an operation that doesn't make sense; if you don't pay attention and divide by zero in a problem, you often get wrong results.

How do you show a number divided by zero is undefined?

Programming language? For example: For A ÷ B If B = 0 Then Answer = "Undefined" Else Answer = A ÷ B End If By the way, in Calculus, you often find out that 'passing the limit' you will get a rational value when dividing by zero. It depends on the equation.

Can a no be divided by zero if not why?

no. To refer to the original example of dividing a number of objects into piles (6 objects into 3 piles = 2 objects per pile) it is impossible to place any number of objects so that they arange exactly zero piles.

What is dividing by zero?

When something vanishes off of the face of the universe. How oftendoes nothing go into... Something?