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How many bonanza episodes are there?

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There are 430 episodes of Bonanza .
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Why did Pat Robertson censor the Bonanza episode A Visit to Upright?

Pat Robertson, owner and CEO of the Family Channel, censored five episodes of Bonanza because they did not meet his standard of family values and quality. The five episodes ar

How many sons on bonanza?

There were 3 sons of Ben Cartwright. Adam (the eldest), Eric (Hoss, the middle son), and Joseph (Little Joe, the youngest). They were all half brothers.

Was jeanne Cooper on bonanza?

Yes , Jeanne Cooper was in two episodes of "Bonanza" : "She Walks in Beauty (1963) as Emilia Miller and "The Good Samaritan" (1962) as Abigail Hinton .

Did Jason Bateman's father play in Bonanza episodes?

Kent Bateman, father of Jason and Justine Bateman did not appear on Bonanza ever. He is a director and producer. Actor Charles Bateman did appear on Bonanza, no relation to th