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How many bonanza episodes are there?

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There are 430 episodes of Bonanza .
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How did the Bonanza episode The Last Vote end?

Ben took so much time in deciding who to vote for that his ballot was late and therefore invalid. That made another election the following week a reality. Both mayoral candida

Which episode did they sing in bonanza?

Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, and Dan Blocker sang the words to the theme song in the pilot. It was so dreadful that the producers went with the instrumental version that has

Where can you find the episode of bonanza when hoss dies what is the episode called?

There is no episode where it shows Hoss dying. He is simply in one episode and gone the next. Dan Blocker, who played the loveable Eric "Hoss" Cartwright, died from a blood cl

How many sons on bonanza?

There were 3 sons of Ben Cartwright. Adam (the eldest), Eric (Hoss, the middle son), and Joseph (Little Joe, the youngest). They were all half brothers.

Did Jason Bateman's father play in Bonanza episodes?

Kent Bateman, father of Jason and Justine Bateman did not appear on Bonanza ever. He is a director and producer. Actor Charles Bateman did appear on Bonanza, no relation to th

What episodes was little joe shot in the back on bonanza?

Little Joe is shot in the back in The Deadly Ones. It pretty much happens right at the beginning when Little Joe comes home at night on Cochise. It's one of my favorite episod