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How many bones are in a human foot?

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You have seven tarsal bones: talus, calcaneus, cuniforms I, II, & III, cuboid, and navicular.
Then there are five metatarsals, I-IV. The great toe has two phalanges, and the other four toes have three each.

That's 7+5+2+12=26 total bones in the foot.

There is also a tiny sesamoid bone in the great toe, but this is usually not counted. Poor thing!
17 Bones in 5 toes
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How many phalanges are in a human foot?

  Each human foot has 14 phalanges.  

In each foot how many tarsal bones?

 There are 7 in each foot and 8 carples in each wrist

How many bones in a child's foot?

twenty two bones are in a child's foot!!

How many parts does a human foot have?

The average foot has twenty six skeletal parts. The human foot also contains thirty three joints and twenty muscles. All these parts work together to make up the human foot.

How many nerves are in the human foot?

  Dorsal digital nerves of foot are branches of the intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve, medial dorsal cutaneous nerve, sural nerve and deep fibular nerve. There are 10 to

How many bones in the foot and ankle?

Calcaneus, navicular, talus, first cuneiform, second cuneiform, third cuneiform, cuboid, 1st - 5th metatarsals, 4 sets of distal, intermediate, proximal phalanges, hallux (pro

How many toes are on a human foot?

A typical human has five toes on each foot. Although a person may have had one or more toes amputated, or were born with less than five. Sometimes, a person can be born with m

How many parts does the human foot have?

If we just count the bones (7 tarsals, 5 metatarsals, and 14 digits) it has 26 skeletal parts.