How many bones are in a human foot?

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You have seven tarsal bones: talus, calcaneus, cuniforms I, II, & III, cuboid, and navicular.
Then there are five metatarsals, I-IV. The great toe has two phalanges, and the other four toes have three each.

That's 7+5+2+12=26 total bones in the foot.

There is also a tiny sesamoid bone in the great toe, but this is usually not counted. Poor thing!
17 Bones in 5 toes
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How are the human foot bones fastened together?

They are not actually fastened together, that would mean that they are fused. They are connected to each other with very strong tissues called ligaments that hold them in plac
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How many bones are in a human foot n?

There are 26 bones in the human foot (28 if you include the sesamoid bones at the base of the big toe). These are: the Talus , which connects to the tibia at the ankle; the