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How many books did Agatha Christie write?

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+ 82 as Agatha Christie
+ 6 under the pen name Mary Westmacott
+ 2 as Christie Mallowan
+ her autobiography

= 91 total
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Why did Agatha Christie write books?

There were different reasons for different books. In some cases, she wanted to write about her alter ego, she wrote her memoirs, a detective story set in Ancient Egypt was the

How many novels did Agatha Christie write?

Agatha Christie wrote 79 novels: 72 under her name, 1 under her second husband's last name and 6 under the name Mary Westmacott.

How many Hercule Poirot books did Agatha Christie write?

There is 39 Poirot novels, plus four collections of short stories, making a grand total of 43 books to feature the character. The first Poirot book The Mysterious Affair at St

What books did Agatha Christie write?

Oh, she wrote so many. Her most popular ones, And Then There Were None(my favorite), and Murder on the Orient Express are very widely known. She wrote The ABC Murders, The Mys

How many volume in Agatha Christie mystery collection from bantam books?

I haven't found any agreement on the number of books in the Agatha Christie Mystery Collection from Bantam Books (issued in 1986). I have 71 of the books, but that isn't the c

Are there any Agatha Christie books in Malayalam?

yes.Novels of Agatha Christie by DC BOOKS.The Book contains approximately 20 novels of Agatha Christie.Some of the novels are give below The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920

When did Agatha Christie start writing?

1345 Of course not! She began writing before WW1, but they were not truly accomplished writings. Her first published novel was written in 1919 and printed the next year.