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According to the 2006 Bridge Inventory issued by "Better Roads", there are close to 600,000 bridges in the US. This includes all bridges of 20 foot or greater length that carry roadways open to the public. It does not include railroad bridges. Other interesting fact: according to the same report, close to 25% of all bridges are either Structurally Deficient (SD) or Functionally Obsolete (FO).

Per the Federal Highway Authority (FHWA): "An SD bridge is one that (1) has been restricted to light vehicles only, (2) is closed, or (3) requires immediate rehabilitation to remain open. An FO bridge is one in which the deck geometry, load carrying capacity (comparison of the original design load to the State legal load), clearance, or approach roadway alignment no longer meets the usual criteria for the system of which it is an integral part."
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